1. Picanha

    Photos Fortifications and Bunkers

    Alternative Accommodation of the Constitutional Organs of the Federal Republic of Germany (Out of Service) https://www.regbu.de/Fremdsprachen/GB1.html The bunker of the federal government inside the valley of the river Ahr has been the most top secret building in the history of the federal...
  2. 0000.m3Bunker.jpg


    Sturdy German bunker
  3. AAR Galileo

    Video The Swiss bunker layout

    The Bloke takes you around the Sperrstelle Sattelegg, near Wimmis in the Berner Oberland, discussing the Swiss defence strategy for WW2 and the Cold War, and how this particular bunker layout protects one of the entrances to the so-called Redoubt (Réduit National).
  4. Titan Missile Complex Plan

    Titan Missile Complex Plan

  5. 678753


  6. Calais Bunkers

    Calais Bunkers

    Plenty of these around Calais
  7. Russian Bunker Type T-7.

    Russian Bunker Type T-7.

    Near Borne sulinowo North of Walz Poland we found this Russian Bunker Type T-7. We would like to know what type of Nuclear missile or heads where used in here
  8. Hitlers Bunker

    Hitlers Bunker

    Hitlers Bunker In ruins after allied attack