Russian Bunker Type T-7.


Russian Bunker Type T-7.

Near Borne sulinowo North of Walz Poland
we found this Russian Bunker Type T-7.
We would like to know what type of Nuclear missile or heads where used in here
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Hmm, from this picture I dont see any signs of Nuclear. Looks more like a munitions bunker, maybe even Chemical munitions.
Its too close to the surface, well it seems to be in this picture anyway.
(Y) anymore pics ?
Thanks Fap (Y)
I still see this bunker as perhaps a munitions bunker of some kind, it coyuld have contained Nuke Warheads for Artillery rounds or missiles but I doubt it contained the whole missile.
By now I know for sure this is a place for Russian nuclear warheads!!
In Poland, Czech and the former DDR.

The Places are in Poland:
1 Brzezinca Kol near Borne sulinowo
2 Wielowies near Zarzyn
3 Siebniewo near Bialograd

What I whould like to know what is the type and name for the bunker T-7? Granit 5? or ????
And what unit where based there,

114. Guards Rocket Brigade (114. GvRB) Borne sulinowo, an option!
Wo can help!!!:confused:
In the middle of 60's in Poland started project "WISLA". As a result three nuclear weapon storages have been built.
  1. Podborsko (no 3001)
  2. Brzeznica-Kolonia (no 3002)
  3. Templewo (no 3003)
Polish Army at that time was equipped with russian missiles 8K11 (SS-1b) and 3R10 (FROG-5). Polish Air Force was equipped with MiG 21 PFM which was able to use nuclear bombs. These storages were under Russian control however warheads and bombs stored there were designated for use by Polish Army and Polish Air Force.

According to the Polish officials in 80's - 14 warheads 500 kT, 35 warheads 200 kT, 83 warheads 10 kT, 2 bombs 200 kT, 24 bombs 15kT, 10 bombs 0,5 kT were stored in these storages.

Take a look at that link:
You can see Podborsko storage.
Thats great information @robson68 thank you.
So these storage sites were covered with a protective layer?, they look very close to the surface.
Aha I see from the link that they were not very well protected, I thought they would have more protection since they have Nuke Warheads inside.

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