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  1. ao_sepia

    civilian weapons

    SA-85M: A semi-automatic-only version intended for civilian sales in the United States; imported by Kassnar in both pre- and post-ban versions,some K.B.I. imported. Kassnar version K.B.I. version AK-63D (AMMS...
  2. ao_sepia

    Question? assault rifle magazine is the best?

    assault rifle magazines is best in this era.stanag mag,HK-33/Cetme mag,Famas mag,G-36/SIG mag,Steyr mag,Galil mag,etc is durable,cheap,light,etc
  3. Cobra

    Photos Kalashnikov Weapons

    Recently become interested in the Kalashnikov series of guns so thought I would start a thread , so hopefully I may learn more about them from guys who have used or still use them. some cool pics I found
  4. Gold AK

    Gold AK

  5. KK MPi Mod 69

    KK MPi Mod 69

    .22LR Training version of the AK47
  6. Iranian contract M16 assault rifle

    Iranian contract M16 assault rifle

  7. Afanasiev TKB-011 Assault Rifle

    Afanasiev TKB-011 Assault Rifle

  8. TKB-517SU Assault Carbine

    TKB-517SU Assault Carbine

  9. H&K G11

    H&K G11

  10. Salvo Rifle

    Salvo Rifle

  11. XM607 Assault Carbine

    XM607 Assault Carbine

  12. L22A2 Carbine

    L22A2 Carbine

  13. L22A1 Carbine

    L22A1 Carbine

  14. T2 MK5

    T2 MK5

  15. FARA 83

    FARA 83

  16. FARA 83

    FARA 83

  17. Tromix Siamese .223

    Tromix Siamese .223

  18. Tromix Siamese .223

    Tromix Siamese .223

    Designed for Security Forces/Law Enforcement purposes. This 'Gast gun' is basically two M4 Carbines mounted together with the gas ports swaped over making it one weapon.
  19. M4/AG36


  20. Valmet M62 (Old Spec)

    Valmet M62 (Old Spec)