1. The New Army

    The New Army

    United States Army / AN ARMY OF ONE
  2. Chieftain, Berlin Brigade, by Oliver Cook.

    Chieftain, Berlin Brigade, by Oliver Cook.

  3. Combat Engineering Tractor, Operation 'Telic', by Oliver Cook

    Combat Engineering Tractor, Operation 'Telic', by Oliver Cook

  4. Apache


    A colour photo of an Apache helicopter in flight
  5. British Army Colours

    British Army Colours

    A typical pair of British Army Colours - King's Colour on the left, regimental Colour on the right. This is detail from a set of 50 cigarette cards I got free with something a number of years ago.
  6. 2s7 Pion 203mm

    2s7 Pion 203mm

    Country: (Russia) CIS Weight (tons): 46 Speed (km/h): 60 Crew: 7 Chassis: ? Armament: 1 x 203mm gun (30-40 rounds) Rate of fire: 2 rds/min Max. Range of fire: 37.5 (55.0) km Armor: ? Range (km): 500 The 2S7 is based on a large chassis that is probably the largest armored...
  7. T-72M1K


    Finnish Army T-72M1K in spring 1992.
  8. MT-LB


    MT-LB in spring 1996.
  9. Comet Mk I Model B

    Comet Mk I Model B

    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - Comet Mk I Model B in Oulu in summer 1962.
  10. R-145BM


    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - R-145BM in spring 1984, a wideband antenna for the R-111 radio has been lifted with the 16m telescopic mast, the AZI tube antenna and two whip antennas are also ready for use.
  11. 9S18M1


    Finnish Army - 9S18M1 in spring 1997, vehicle is the target acquisition radar of the BUK-M1 air defence missile system. The radar antennas and the telescopic mast are in working position.
  12. T-72M1


    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - T-72M1.
  13. Leopard 2 A4

    Leopard 2 A4

    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - Leopard 2 A4.
  14. T-55M


    Finnish Army - T-55M in spring 1989.
  15. BLG 60 M 2

    BLG 60 M 2

    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - BLG 60 M 2 bridgelayer tank.
  16. T-72M1


    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - T-72M1.
  17. Landsverk Anti II

    Landsverk Anti II

    Finnish Army, WWII. Landsverk Anti II at Syvri in late 1943.
  18. BTR-50PU


    Finnish Army - BTR-50PU in spring 1976, the complete antenna equipment comprises of an 11m telescopic mast with antenna, 10m telescopic antenna and three 4m whip antennas.
  19. Jantronic J-1000

    Jantronic J-1000

    Finnish Army - Jantronic J-1000, also known as target acquisition radar 87, in spring 1993. The mast is in partly raised position, maximum height of Ericsson Giraffe Mk IV radar antenna is 15m.
  20. Tracked carrier

    Tracked carrier

    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - Tracked carrier.