Kriegsmarine Photographer Ww2

Horst Grund on the Black Sea off Romania, circa 1941

Horst Grund was born in Berlin, Germany in 1915 to Gustav Paul Otto Grund and Marie Elisabeth Grund, née Thau. In 1934, he became a cameraman's assistant, working under several cameramen. In Aug 1936, in an assistant role, he worked at the Berlin Olympic games. In 1937, he was drafted into the military. At the start of the European War, he was stationed in Poland. In Jan 1941, he was attached to the German Navy as a photographer; in this role, he took photographs in the Balkans, Soviet Union, and North Africa. He also worked closely with state movie producers. In Apr 1943, he was wounded and spent some time in a hospital in Germany, returning to work, in Italy, in Aug 1943. In Jan 1944, in Berlin, he was wounded again. He continued to work in the photography and moving pictures fields after the war. He passed away in 2001.

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