George Frederick BULL. BEM

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George Frederick BULL BEM. Formerly Private M2/270261 Royal Army Service Corps
Born 13 January 1897 died 5 January 1955 His wife at time of passing was Ivy Mary Bull (Slaymaker)

At rest in Shrewsbury Cemetery, Shropshire

The King held the Investiture at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 6 November 1945

London Gazette Dates 7 November 1944.
Awarded the British Empire Medal (Civil Division)
George Frederick Bull, Motor Transport Driver, Royal Air Force Maintenance Unit.
Alexander Wesley Trew, Fitter, Royal Air Force Maintenance Unit.

When an aircraft was taking off it crashed into a stationary aircraft and a motor tractor.
The two aircraft and the tractor burst into flames. Trew tried to release an injured man who was pinned beneath the wrecked tractor but was unable to do so unaided. He was then joined by Bull ajid together they made a second attempt. This, too, was unsuccessful. Other helpers approached the wreckage but a petrol tank exploded and the heat became so intense that they had to give up the attempt. Trew and Bull, however, stood their" ground and eventually the man was released.
A second injured man was seen struggling to get out of the burning cockpit of the stationary aircraft. Trew tried at once to reach him but was forced back by the flames. The man then fell through the burning floor of the cockpit and Trew and Bull, without thought for their own safety, went through
the flames and carried him to safety. Both men showed great bravery in going to the rescue of their fellow workers.

The following extract is from a letter sent to George Frederick Bull by the Air Ministry, King Charles Street Whitehall SW1 dated 6 November 1944. This letter is part of a collection of documents on a Family Tree on

I am commanded by the Air Council to inform you the His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve the award to you of a BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL in recognition of your gallant conduct when you went to assistance of two of your fellow workers who were trapped in the burning wreckage of two aircraft and a motor tractor which were involved in a collision at a Royal Air Force Maintenance Unit, on the 12 July 1944

Signed by N B Abraham. Deputy Under-Secretary of State

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