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The Morris C9/B Self-propelled Bofors was developed as a private enterprise by the Morris-Commercial company using a lengthened version of the well-known C8 “Quad” artillery tractor. A very basic body was installed, providing four-abreast seating for the driver and three of the crew, with no cab and only the very earliest vehicles having a windshield. A cab would have prevented the gun from having a 360 degree traverse; even the steering wheel was hinged so that it could be folded out of the gun barrel’s way. The gun itself was mounted on a slightly modified Bofors mounting in the mid part of the chassis, with flat platforms behind it upon which ammunition boxes could be stowed. Tools and the crew’s kit were housed in several stowage boxes slung underneath various parts of the vehicle and the whole ungainly outfit was rounded off by having four very hefty scissor-type jacks at the front, rear and both sides to raise the vehicle off its wheels and provide a stable firing platform.

1680 C9/Bs were made and very few survive.

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