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Anthony Guyton BURKE, Military Cross. (Korea) Served as Lieutenant, 403403, 1st Royal Leicestershire Regiment in Korea, previously in 1949 at Lieutenant, 403403, York and Lancaster Regiment. Born June 1929 - died 15 September 1991. He lived at 2 Stillington Road, Easingwold. Commemorated on a memorial in St John the Baptist and All Saints Churchyard, Easingwold, Yorkshire. Korean War Veteran. R.I.P. Lt Burke.
Shortened extract of his citation which shows his actions and achievements in defending his position in the Korean War.
He was platoon commander of B Company on the 19th November 1951 defending a hill. Shortly before last light his position was subjected by the enemy to concentrated and accurate mortar shell and gun fire which shattered the defences and wire on the forward slope of the hill. Immediately on the heals of the concentrated barrage the enemy attacked the hill in large numbers and get into the position itself. Lieutenant Burke immediately advanced in the open towards them and after emptying his pistol, seized a Bren gun and brought this to bear on them with devastating effects, his men were involved into hand to hand fighting. He rallied his own platoon and part of another and formed a line and drove the enemy out of their position. The following morning at 0700 hrs the platoon was again heavily attacked and once again the enemy were able to breach their position through the shattered wire and defences. Again Lieutenant Burke rallied his men and was energetically leading a successful hand to hand fight to regain his forward trenches when he was wounded and had to be evacuated. Numbers of the enemy dead found in the position the next morning must without doubt be credited to him personally. Throughout these two heavy attacks Lieutenant Burk's inspiring leadership, his personally gallantry and complete disregard to his won safety were an inspiration to his men and was responsible in a large measure for the successful repelling of the attacks.
The undermentioned Officer. Cadets from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, to be 2nd Lts., 14th July. 1949, with seniority 14th July 1949, except as
otherwise stated. Y. & L Regiment. Anthony Guyton BURKE,(403403) and two others
London Gazette dated Tuesday 29th April 1952. The War Office, 29th April, 1952. The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Korea during the period 1st July to 31st December, 1951/
The Military Cross. Lieutenant Antony Guyton BURKE (403403), The York and Lancaster Regiment (attached The Royal Leicestershire Regiment) and many others.

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