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Co."E",15th N.C. Inf. Reg.,C.S.A. Info ?

Discussion in 'American civil war' started by gunnersixx, Jan 27, 2015.

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    My G-G-Grandfather,Anthony F.Stanton enlisted in this company in May 1861,Granville,N.C. I have search around but cannot find hardly any information regarding company "E" ....what battles they were in,possible letters or diaries of fellow soldiers,or any photographs of its members,reunion events etc.....Anthony was wounded and had his right arm amputated 2" below the shoulder in a battle in Orangeburg,S.C. in Feb 1865. I would like to find out his where abouts between Feb. 1865 S.C. and July 1870,where is listed as being married to Maggie Malone at the Red River Baptist Church.Thanks
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