A Lockheed F-5 beats up the icy runway of her home base at Attlebridge in Norfolk, UK. The aircraft (a modified P-38) was part of the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group of the USAAF.
US soldiers of 184th Infantry Regiment of the 7th ID cautiously advance toward a Japanese machine gun position, Leyte, Philippines, 24 October 1944.
A large formation of B-17Fs of the 92nd Bomb Group flies toward Germany, 1943
American Army nurse and wounded GI in a makeshift hospital, Leyte, Philippines. Photo by W. Eugene Smith. 1944
The place where US war correspondent Ernie Pyle, was killed by Japanese machine gun fire on the island of Ie Shima on April 18th 1945 during the Battle of Okinawa
With one wing gone, a B-29 falls in flames after a direct hit by enemy flak over Japan. 1944-45
OTD in 1942, US carrier forces and their escorting surface ships conducted aerial bombardment and naval artillery attacks on the Imperial Japanese Navy garrisons in the Marshall and Gilbert Islands.
B-24H Liberator bomber “Blue I” (41-28853) of 783rd Bomb Squadron, 465th Bomb Group, US 15th Air Force exploding in mid air after being hit by anti-aircraft fire (Flak) over German, November 20, 1944. Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Jack Lokker, on his last mission, was leading B-24’s to their target at Bleclihammerm, Silesia, Germany. While over the target the plane received a direct hit and blew up. Some of the crew were able to bail out before the explosion.

  • Pilot: Lieutenant Colonel Clarence J. Lokker – Killed in Action
  • Copilot: Captain Milton Duckworth – Prisoner of War
  • Navigator: 1st Lieutenant Joseph Kutger – Prisoner of War
  • Radar: 1st Lieutenant Joseph Whalen – Prisoner of War
  • Bombardier: 1st Lieutenant Robert Hockman – Prisoner of War
  • Bombardier: 2nd Lieutenant Grosvenor Rice – Killed in Action
  • Radio Operator: Staff Sergeant Edmund Miosky – Killed in Action
  • Engineer/Gunner: Technical Sergeant Lee Billings – Prisoner of War
  • Waist Gunner: Sergeant James Bourne – Prisoner of War
  • Top Gunner: Sergeant Jack Rabkin – Killed in Action
  • Tail Gunner: Sergeant Paul Flynn – Killed in Action
Grumman F6F-3 "Hellcat" fighters of fighter squadron VF-10 “Grim Reapers,”landing on the USS Enterprise after strikes on the Japanese base at Truk, 17-18 February 1944. Flight deck crewmen are folding planes' wings and guiding them forward to the parking area.
P-40 Warhawks of the “Flying Tigers”- The First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Republic of China Air Force, ca. 1941-42
“Axis Nightmare,”B24-D Air Corps Serial 41-24138 flew as part of the 373'd Bomb Squadron, 308th Bomb Group of the 14th Air Force in the China-Burma-India Theatre

On February 1, 1945 took off from Hsinching Airfield in China on a flight bound for Jorhat Airfield in India. This B-24 was empty, returning to Jorhat Airfield following a cargo mission. The weather was cloudy at 27,000' with severe turbulence and icing conditions above 15-17,000'.
This bomber was on course "ABLE" last position report was being over Likiang, China, the following bearings were shot from Kharagpurat 1938z, 232 deg. class 2 at 1946z, 234 deg. class 1 at 2013z, 235 deg, class 1 Piardoba on 183 at 2034z, 270 deg, class 2. Aircraft didn't acknowledge these bearings. Airbase at Likiang received distress call at 1930z last contact at 2034z somewhere southwest of Fort Hertz valley.
The B-24 was last contacted by Kharagpur air ground radio. Reportedly, this B-24 was low on fuel and might have force landed. When it failed to land, this bomber was reported as Missing In Action (MIA).
Afterwards, search aircraft based at Mohanbari, India searched for this aircraft unsuccessfully.
The crew was officially declared dead on February 3, 1946. All four are memorialized on the tablets of the missing at Manila American Cemetery.
Douglas SBD-2 Dauntless of VB-6 launches from USS Enterprise, CV-6, for a raid against Marcus Island, 1 February 1942
SS Robert Rowan (Liberty ship K-40) explodes amongst the Sicily invasion fleet. Hit with three bombs by JU-88 bombers on July 11, 1943. All 421 soldiers and sailors safely abandoned ship before the many tons of ammunition exploded. She was torn in half and burned for two days.
Assembly of a group of Mk. 30 mounts for single 5"/38 guns.
Troops go over the side of a Coast Guard-manned combat transport to board LCVPs at Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville, as the landing gets under way. Nov, 1943
B-17G Flying Fortresses of the US 15th Air Force amid anti-aircraft flak bursts during a bombing run over Graz, Austria, 4 Mar 1945.
P-61 Night Fighter "The Virgin Widow" of the 6th Night Fighter Squadron. Saipan, 1945.
Members of the Japanese-American 442nd Infantry Regiment stand at attention while their citations are read in France on November 12, 1944,

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