This day in 1944, troops of the US 101st Airborne Division captured the town of Carentan, France. Elements of the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division tried to recapture the city but were repulsed by the American paratroopers and forces of the 2nd Armored Division.
American soldiers are pictured catching up on the news at the American Red Cross in Townsville, Queensland, in 1942

US troops try out their automatic cannon during a flight over Australia
US troops try flight over Australia.jpg

Two American soldiers teach American nurses how to shoot in Brisbane in 1943
American soldiers teach nurses how to shoot in Brisbane in 1943.jpg

African-American American soldiers, a Jazz orchestra and women at an officers dance and the Carver Service Club in Brisbane during the war
American soldiers women dance Service Club in Brisbane.jpg

A group of soldiers and a woman celebrate Thanksgiving at Brisbane's Dr Carver Service Club in 1943
Brisbane's Dr Carver Service Club in 1943.jpg
US medic gives first aid to a wounded German SS soldier, France, 1944.
Radio Operator, Cpl. John Robbins of Louisville, Nebraska, 41st Infantry Division, operating his Signal Corp Radio Model 188 in a fortified sandbagged hut at Station NYU, Dobodura Airfield, New Guinea on 9 May 1943.
A U.S. Navy Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless from Task Force 58 covering the landings at Tanahmerah Bay, Hollandia, Papua New Guinea; 22-April-1944. Landing craft can be seen heading toward Red Beach 2. The Battle of Hollandia was a six week campaign that forced the Japanese to abandon eastern New Guinea.
USMC Privates Richard Klatt & Wilfred Voegeli use their flamethrowers on Japanese defences during the Battle of Iwo Jima on March 4, 1945.
Fuel tanks of the B-24H Liberator “Little Warrior” with the 861st Bomb Squadron explode over Fallersleben, Germany after anti-aircraft hit, Jun 29 1944. Photo taken by Clifford A Stocking, waist gunner on “Green Hornet.”

The official photograph released by the U.S.A.A.F. was altered at some point, the actual photograph show the “Little Warrior” in an upward direction (nose-high) and already slightly banking to the right.

  • Pilot: 2nd Lieutenant John L. Hansen – Killed in Action
  • Copilot”2nd Lieutenant Sidney A. Benson – Killed in Action
  • Navigator: 2nd Lieutenant Jerome Levy – Killed in Action
  • Bombardier: 2nd Lieutenant Malcolm M. Stich – Killed in Action
  • Radio Operator: Staff Sergeant Billy B. Gomillion – Killed in Action
  • Engineer/Top Turret Gunner: Technical Sergeant Vernon J. Polzin – Killed in Action
  • Ball Turret Gunner: Staff SergeantCyrus R. Aidala – Killed in Action
  • Nose Turrent Gunner: Staff Sergeant Sylvanus G. Haskell – Killed in Action
  • Tail Turrent Gunner: Staff Sergeant Walter A. Boykowski – Killed in Action
  • Waist Gunner: Staff Sergeant John E. Sanders – Killed in Action
Eight of the crew were found dead on the ground by German authorities that morning, a ninth body was found later**. The tenth crew member's body was discovered in a field, badly burned on 11 July 1944, and buried with the rest of the crew of 'LITTLE WARRIOR'."
**Co-pilot Benson was ejected by explosion with his chute. Having landed unharmed, he surrendered to a Flak gun crew and was placed in the charge of Hitler youth leader Helmut Lippman who, riding a bike, shepherded him to be handed over to local authorities. En-route, Lippman shot Benson in the back 3 times with a small calibre handgun. Upon arrival in the local town Lippman left 2Lt Benson with Air raid wardens whilst he went off to phone the local police, whereupon 2Lt Benson was beaten to death by the wardens. Post war, Lippman and the wardens were brought to trial for the murder of a POW. Lippman was sentenced to death by hanging, commuted to life imprisonment.
B-24H Liberator bomber “Blue I” (41-28853) of 783rd Bomb Squadron, 465th Bomb Group, US 15th Air Force exploding in mid air after being hit by anti-aircraft fire (Flak) over German, November 20, 1944. Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Jack Lokker, on his last mission, was leading B-24’s to their target at Bleclihammerm, Silesia, Germany. While over the target the plane received a direct hit and blew up. Some of the crew were able to bail out before the explosion.

  • Pilot: Lieutenant Colonel Clarence J. Lokker – Killed in Action
  • Copilot: Captain Milton Duckworth – Prisoner of War
  • Navigator: 1st Lieutenant Joseph Kutger – Prisoner of War
  • Radar: 1st Lieutenant Joseph Whalen – Prisoner of War
  • Bombardier: 1st Lieutenant Robert Hockman – Prisoner of War
  • Bombardier: 2nd Lieutenant Grosvenor Rice – Killed in Action
  • Radio Operator: Staff Sergeant Edmund Miosky – Killed in Action
  • Engineer/Gunner: Technical Sergeant Lee Billings – Prisoner of War
  • Waist Gunner: Sergeant James Bourne – Prisoner of War
  • Top Gunner: Sergeant Jack Rabkin – Killed in Action
  • Tail Gunner: Sergeant Paul Flynn – Killed in Action
On April 4, 1945, Liberators of the 2nd Air Division were attacked by Me-262 jet fighters, Approximately fifty German jet and rocket fighter aircraft engaged the formation causing a total loss of eight B-24 Liberators, three of which were from the 448th Bomb Group. One of them was B-24M (S/N 44-50838) “Red Bow”, which was downed by a rocket from a Messerschmitt Me 262.

  • Pilot: 1st Lieutenant Robert L. Mains – Killed in Action
  • Co-Pilot: 1st Lieutenant John E. LaRiviere – Killed in Action
  • Navigator: 1st Lieutenant Allan L. Lake – Killed in Action
  • Observer-Top Turret: 2nd Lieutenant George S. Alexander – Killed in Action
  • Engineer-Flight Deck: Technical Sergeant Frank S Merkovich – Killed in Action
  • Radio Operator: Technical Sergeant Charles E Cupp Jr – Prisoner of War
  • Left Waist Gunner: Staff Sergeant Harry J. Allen – Killed in Action
  • Nose Gunner: Sergeant Charles H. Daman – Killed in Action
  • Right Waist Gunner: Sergeant Anthony C Villari – Killed in Action
  • Tail Gunner: Sergeant Stuart D. Van Deventer – Killed in Action
Boeing B-17G Wee-Willie 42-31333 LG-W, 323th Squadron of 91st Bombing Broup, over Kranenburg, Germany, is seen after the port wing was blown off by Flak on April 8, 1945. A Flak hit between fuselage and #2 engine caused a massive fire which detached the port wing, resulting into a explosion, causing the B-17 to go into a dive.

  • Pilot: 1st Lieutenant Robert E. Fuller, O-774609, California – Prisoner of War
  • Copilot: 2nd Lieutenant Woodrow A. Lien, O-778858, Montana – Killed in Action
  • Navigator: Technical Sergeant Francis J. McCarthy, 14148856, Tenness – Killed in Action
  • Togglier: Staff Sergeant Richard D. Proudfit, 14166848, Mississippi – Killed in Action
  • Engineer: Staff Sergeant Wylie McNatt, Jr., 38365470, Texas – Killed in Action
  • Ball Turret Gunner: Staff Sergeant William H. Cassiday, 32346219, New York – Killed in Action
  • Radio Operator: Staff Sergeant Ralph J. Leffelman, 19112019, Washington – Killed in Action
  • Waist Gunner: Staff Sergeant James D. Houtchens, 37483248, Nebraska – Killed in Action
  • Tail Gunner: Sergeant Le Moyne Miller, 33920597, Pennsylvania – Killed in Action
Consolidated B-24L-10-FO Liberator, s/n 44-49710, named “Stevenovich II”, of the 779th Bombardment Squadron, 464th Bombardment Group, shot down by Flak during an attack on ground troops near Lugo, Emilia Romagna, Italy, on 10 April 1945.

  • Pilot: Lieutenant Colonel James H. Gilson – Killed in Action
  • Copilot: Captain Charles H. Foote – Killed in Action
  • Navigator: 1st Lieutenant Robert J. O’Leary – Killed in Action
  • Navigator: Captain Lacey P. Morton – Killed in Action
  • Bombardier: Captain George R. Wall – Killed in Action
  • Radar: 1st Lieutenant Edward F. Walsh – Prisoner of War
  • Engineer/Gunner: Technical Sergeant Jerrold R. Ruben – Killed in Action
  • Radio/Gunner: Staff Sergeant Charles F. Montegut – Killed in Action
  • Engineer/Gunner: Staff Sergeant Robert C. Rogers – Killed in Action
  • Aerial Gunner: Staff Sergeant Norman S. Cope – Killed in Action
  • Aerial Gunner: Staff Sergeant Melvin C. Thomason – Killed in Action
4th Infantry Div. troopers and German POWs, take cover from crossfire beneath an M10 tank destroyer somewhere in Germany, early 1945. Colourised
WOW, those are some great WWII bomber pictures BZ.......Thanks for posting them mate!!

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