A great aircrew photo taken by an unidentified WW2 airman (nothing written on the back). Great details in this shot!

Malta was a strategic island in the Mediterranean and key to the Allies holding the region. The Axis placed the island under siege making it difficult to get supplies in to the island.Operation Pedestal was the last gasp effort to get much needed fuel and supplies to Malta before they needed to surrender. Between August 10th and 15th, the Germans launched an all out attack to prevent the convoy from reaching Malta.
On August 15th, the USS Ohio, the largest tanker built for the war, arrived in Malta to great celebration from those on shore.
Image & Caption thamks to .ilovewwiiplanes. com

USS Laffey at her commissioning on February 8, 1944. On April 16, 1945, off Okinawa. the Laffey sustained one of the most relentless air attacks of the war, being hit by four bombs and six kamikazes. She survived and is now a museum ship at Patriots Point, South Carolina.

A group of US soldiers and two dispatch riders of the New Zealand Division on the 5th Army Front in Southern Italy, 10 February 1944.
Photo by George Frederick Kaye

Operation Shoestring - Combat Jump at Tagaytay
Time Over Target: 0815, 03FEB1945. Location: Tagaytay Ridge, Luzon, Philippines Islands. By 1500, the 511th PIR linked up with 187th GIR and 188th GIR and the 11th A/B Div were formed again as a Division.
Story credit: 11th Airborne Division Association Official Facebook site
Photo Credit: Jeremy Holm

This is most likely Torokina and Piva, on Empress Augusta Bay. The Americans only held the land around the airstrips and did not try to take the entire island. Australian and New Zealand forces were still fighting on Bougainville when Japan surrendered.

A crewman on USS Wainwright DD-419 brings coffee to the open bridge during a 2 hour lull between German air attacks on Arctic Convoy PQ-17 - July 4, 1942
LIFE Magazine Archives - Frank Scherschel Photographer

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USN Submarine S-42 (SS-153) at Dutch Harbor Alaska - 1943
Launched in 1920, this old S-Boat, despite her age, served throughout the Pacific and earned One Battle Star in WW2, scrapped in 1946
LIFE Magazine Archives - Dmitri Kessel Photographer

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The “Robbers Roost” tent, on Adak during the Aleutian Islands Campaign - 1943
The skulls are not Japanese, but from Aleut remains found during airfield construction
LIFE Magazine Archives - Dmitri Kessel Photographer

Two sailors throw a baseball to each other on USS Texas BB-35 during North Atlantic Convoy Escort Duty in 1942
The Photographer was on top of turret #5 looking towards the bow
LIFE Magazine Archives - Frank Scherschel Photographer

During WW2 GIs made countless field-mods to their Jeeps to make them more "soldier friendly" using what materials were to hand coupled with the ingenuity of the men charged with doing the job.
This Jeep has had some side panels fitted.
Note the insignia of the 34th Infantry Division and crossed cannons of the artillery applied to the panel....actually the 125th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm) which was attached to the 34th ID.
The print is annotated.
(Image courtesy of the Minnesota Military Museum)


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