USS New York BB-34 arrives in Casablanca Harbor - March 1943
Note French Battleship Jean Bart in the background of the last picture
LIFE Magazine Archives - J R Eyerman Photographer

Marines from the 5th Pioneer battalion with Japanese citizens rebuilding a saw mill in Sasebo in late 1945.

This is an interesting shot of newly manufactured Jeeps in the factory yard awaiting shipping.
Note the white "S" stencilled on the side of their hoods.
These particular Jeeps were built specially for the USN & USMC, and are radio Jeeps.
The TCS radios are stowed in the two boxes fitted on the rear wheel arches.
The "S" stands for Suppression / Shielding that was fitted to these Jeeps to prevent the electrical operation of the engine interfering with the radio sets.
There is a small generator which powered the radios fitted between the two front seats, an example of which can just be seen on the second Jeep to the right of the photo.
(LIFE / Feininger)

The work of LIFE war photographer Eliot Elisofon frequently features on this page.
Here he is photographed in Tunisia in April 1943, standing alongside the Panzer II which was famously captured intact by troops of the US "Big Red One" / 1st ID.
It was he who took the photographs of the GIs taking it for a "joy ride"!…
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A smiling Marine in the doorway of the Waldorf, except that its a doorway on Midway island in 1942, and the “Women Invited” is wistful thinking
LIFE Magazine Archives - Joe Scherschel Photographer

M4A3's intended for operation Olympic en route to their staging area.

An early slat-grill Willys MB with a complement of USMC and USN personnel on board.
Midway Island, November 1942.
(LIFE / Joe Scherschel)

USN SBD’s in flight near Midway - September 1942
LIFE Magazine Archives - Joe Scherschel Photographer

An M4 (Composite) dozer tank with a full set of deep-wading exhaust trunking.
Leyte, Philippines, December 1944.
(LIFE / Mydans)

Nice portrait of a young USAAF airman of the 85th Bombardment Squadron, Tunisia, 1943.
His appearance is typical of the mid-war period...Type B5 helmet...Type B3 jacket...topped off with RAF issue Mk. VII goggles, minus their flip-up sunshield.
(LIFE / Elisofon)

M4A1 Sherman in Leyte, Philippines - December 1944
LIFE Magazine - W. Eugene Smith Photographer

In July and August 1944, Bob Hope and members of the USO, performed 79 shows throughout the South and South West Pacific.
On August 10 and 11 they were on Espiritu Santo performing to soldiers, sailors and Marines as well as visiting hundreds of personnel in the five hospitals on the island.
With Bob Hope were Frances Langford, Patty Thomas, Jerry Colonna and Tony Romano.
One of the more wonderful aspects to Bob Hopes tours was wherever he was in the world, he would make a point of going to every military hospital in the area, to spend time talking to as many of the injured as he possibly could.
One of those hospitals was the 31st General Hospital on 'Hospital Hill' up near Turtle Bay Airfield on Santo. This shot is of his visit to the hospital in August 1944.

USN or Marine aircrew on Midway with pin-ups above his bed - September 1942
LIFE Magazine Archives - Joe Scherschel Photographer


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