The crew of the Pe-2 dive bomber "For the Great Stalin" of the 40th Bomber Aviation Regiment of the Black Sea Fleet after completing a combat mission. Crimea, May 1944 From left to right: crew commander Nikolai Ivanovich Goryachkin, navigator - Yuri Vasilyevich Tsyplenkov, gunner-radio operator - Sergei.

Fireworks at the grave of comrades-pilots who died near Sevastopol on April 24, 1944.

The inscription on the tombstone from the wreckage of the aircraft stabilizer: “Here are buried the Guards Major Ilyin, who died in the battles for Sevastopol, senior sergeant Semchenko, an attack pilot and air gunner of the guard. Buried by comrades in arms on May 14, 1944 " The photo was taken in the suburbs of Sevastopol on May 14, 1944.

In liberated Sevastopol: an announcement at the entrance to Primorsky Boulevard, left over from the German administration. 1944 year.
Author: Evgeny Khaldei.

"Forbidden zone. Whoever moves on will be shot."


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