Marshall Zhukov at the Victory Parade in Moscow at the end of WWII.

Soviet Female Pilots of World War II
Members of the Soviet 588th Night Bomber Regiment decorated their planes with flowers ... and dropped 23,000 tons of bombs.
Image and caption thanks to theatlantic. com

Red Army soldiers in captured german helmets.

variety of helmets

Soviet troops in Harbin ,1945
old SSh-36 "Khalkhingolka" , SSh-40 and japanese type 90





Landing group photographed after battle for heights , Shumshu island ,45
In peaked cap - T.A. Pochtarev, for this battle he was awarded with Hero of SU title
SSh-36, SSh-40 and US M1 helmets

Leningrad during the blockade.
Ref. Natmus/FHM

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I've seen this photo before, body of a child who died from starvation during the blockade is taken to a cemetery, almost half Leningrad's population, including 700,000 women and children, perished.

leningrad cemetery.jpg

Men bring a cart filled with bodies to the Volkovo Cemetery in Leningrad. The civilian population of the city suffered greatly as the Germans and Finns tried to starve Leningrad into submission.
A few disconsolate Berliners walk past the ruins of the Reichstag in July 1945.
The Studebaker US6 truck in the background is one of the tens of thousands of such trucks supplied by the US to the Red Army, without which their mobility would have been severely reduced.
Ironically, in the foreground pointing right at the Reichstag, is an 88mm Flak 36, once a part of Berlin's air defences.
(LIFE / Vandivert)

Soviet sniper Olga Nikolaevna Bykova (far right, holding rifle horizontal), Sergeant of the 153rd
Rifle Regiment, 21st Guards Rifle Division, with 42 fascists destroyed, instructs freshly arrived
snipers of the 3rd Shock Army, 2nd Baltic Front behind the front line in Latvia in October, 1944.


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