Evacuation of wounded soldiers on a U-2 plane near Stalingrad. For the transportation of the wounded, cassettes are used, installed on the lower wings. 1942 year.

A German soldier, a Japanese pilot and a Japanese officer inspect the damaged Soviet tank BT-7, model 1937. Summer 1942.

The photo was taken during a visit by the Japanese delegation to the 6th Army of Paulus near Stalingrad. ("Deutsche Wochenschau", 1942)

Damaged KV-1 tank, August 1942, Stalingrad.


Take a look at this photo. The KV-1 tank was one of the most powerful tanks of the early 1940s. Its thick armor could only be penetrated by 88mm anti-aircraft guns. Shots from 37mm and 50mm guns did not leave even a trace on his armor. Usually, they tried to damage the track of these tanks, after which the sappers, under fire, crept up to the tank and put a powerful charge of explosives under it. The crews of the KV-1 tanks often performed great feats. For example, a lonely broken KV-1 in the summer of 1941 near the village of Raseiniai delayed the advance of several German divisions for several days. Soviet tank ace Zinovy Kolobanov in the summer of 1941, in a battle near Leningrad, destroyed 22 German tanks, several armored vehicles and vehicles in one battle.
August 1942. A participant in the defense of Tsaritsyn, the oldest worker of the tractor plant (STZ) Pavel Rodionovich Zolotukhin presents a new T-34/76 tank to the tankmen of Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Petrovich Khazov. For military successes, the tanker was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, on his personal account there were 27 destroyed enemy tanks.

On September 13, 1942, Lieutenant Khazov died a heroic death in the battles for Stalingrad. On November 5, 1942, he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Driver-mechanic V. Lyubov, who destroyed 6 German tanks, in the hatch of a disguised Soviet heavy tank KV-1 during the battles for Stalingrad. 1942 year.


Presentation of the party card to the driver of the KV-1 tank V. Lyubov at Stalingrad. 1942 year.

Me Bf. 109 from the 3rd group of the 3rd fighter squadron "Udet" in flight to Stalingrad


Richtofen's air squadrons attacked Stalingrad. August 23, 1942


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