Germans and their MedEvac, circa 1941
Volkssturm maintain defensive position near Anhalter Bahnhof, Battle of Berlin, 25th April 1945
Infantry being transported on a Panther medium tank, 1944
Panther amongst the ruins of a house near the Sillaro in Italy, 16 April 1945.
Junkers Ju 90/0007 of Lufttransportstaffel 290 under attack from a Royal Air Force Martin Marauder piloted by Wing Commander W.S.G Maydwell, the Commanding Officer of No. 14 Squadron, off Bastia, Corsica on 22 July 1943

This photograph, taken in 1940, shows a German Messerschmitt BF-109 fighter being tested in a wind tunnel at the Deutsche Luftfahrt Forschungsanstalt (German Institute for Aeronautical Research).
This site had low buildings, protected by the cover offered by the trees in the region. The site had 1500 workers and was never bombed by the allied side. The 2 men at the bottom of the photo give an idea of the size of the wind tunnel and, in the background, the written message says something like: “The German people will, through the conquest of the air, impose their due and rightful place in the world"
DFS 228. In 1944 Germany experimented with the concept of high altitude reconnaissance glider, the DFS 228 being the result. Tests were done carrying them on a bomber, although the final design envisioned the glider equipped with a small rocket to climb to high altitude and glide back home later.
Adolf Hitler and entourage at the tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides, Paris 1940. Hitler later said "the moment in Paris where I saluted Napoleon's tomb was one of the proudest of my life".
Soldiers of a Luftwaffe field division stand next to the grave of a fallen comrade, Gefreiter Siegfried Lämmel, a bullet hole clearly visible in his helmet, 1941.
German troops hastily trying to push their Mercedes-Benz L3000 cargo truck that's stalled and stuck in the thick mud of the freezing roads in Ukraine (1943)
Eduard Dietl greet soldiers from Mountain Corps Norway during Joint finno-german offensive on Murmansk.Finnish general Hjalmar Siilasvuo can be seen behind
Picture from the same operation
дGermansMurmansk (5).jpg

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