March 1945, Frankfurt-am-Main area, Germany. Apparently, 14 years young.
SPZAbt 509's #312 Tiger II, knocked out 2km west of Pettend around Budapest, Hungary; Tiger II had been hit 9 times by 76 mm and 85 mm rounds. The left track was broken and 4 dead crew found inside the tank - 10 February, 1945

Marder III Ausf. M destroyed by 23mm cannon fire from Il-2 Sturmoviks on 26-27 March, 1945 near Apácatorna, about 10km east of Jánosházas, Hungary
Fallschirmjäger tank-hunting team (with Panzerschreck and Panzerfaust) alongside a Canadian Sherman V (M4A4) at Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands, Battle of The Wouwse Plantage - 21 November 1944

German infantryman leaving his position to lay anti-tank mines, hand grenade in belt, Ukraine, Soviet Union, Summer 1942 (Original colour)
Tiger I heavy tanks preparing to enter northern Italy shortly before "Case Axis", early September 1943 (Original colour)
Artillerymen with a 15cm sFH 18, two-piece ammunition readied, Soviet Union, Winter 1942-43 (Original colour)
Panzer II & III in winter camouflage during Operation Typhoon, near Moscow, Soviet Union, November 1941 (Original color)
German prisoners of war carry one of their wounded past a knocked out Sherman tank in Italy in April 1944
U-84 was a Type VIIB U-boat and was launched on 26 February 1941 and commissioned on 29 April 1941. She operated during the Battle of the Atlantic during the Second World War.

U-84 carried out eight patrols and accounted for six ships sunk and one ship damaged during World War II. She operated in the Gulf of Mexico for a time. Commanded by Captain Uphoff, U-84 torpedoed the freighter Baja California just forward of midships whilst in the Gulf of Mexico on 19 July 1942 at 06:45. Baja California sank in about 114 feet (35 m) of water about 60 to 70 nautical miles (110 to 130 km; 69 to 81 mi) southwest of Fort Myers, Florida. Baja California, en route from New Orleans, Louisiana to Key West, was carrying a load of general cargo which included glassware.

U-84 was sunk while under the command of Horst Uphoff on 7 August 1943 in the North Atlantic, in position 27°55′N 68°03′WCoordinates: 27°55′N 68°03′W by a Mk 24 homing torpedo dropped on it by a US B24 Liberator aircraft (VB-105/B-4 USN). 46 dead (all hands lost).

#OnThisDay in 1941, Nazi Germany’s largest battleship, the Bismarck, was sunk in the North Atlantic by British battlecruisers HMS King George V and HMS Rodney. Three days earlier, Bismarck had sunk the British battle cruiser HMS Hood, before being chased down and attacked in retaliation by the British Navy.

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