Pz.Kpfw. III and Pz.Kpfw. IV drive past a burning Soviet BT-7 tank. These are the tanks of the 15th Panzer Regiment of the 11th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht during the attack on Kiev, July-August 1941.
8th December 1941, a German solider dug in a field position, protecting himself against the harsh winds on the front near Korjakowa.
Tiger II tank of Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 501 passes U.S. prisoners from the 99th Infantry Division on the road to Lanzerath
Battle of the Ardennes, Kampfgruppe Peiper moved on towards Büllingen, the location of a US fuel depot. Again, the Americans were caught by surprise but managed to knock-out a Panzer IV. Captured American prisoners were used to fill the German vehicles with fuel.
Waffen SS grenadier, armed with an MG-42 positioned near Caen during Operation Perch, June 1944
K 18 gun prepared for travel. The gun's tractor was immobilized by an air strike. Crimea, May 12th, 1944
Fallschirmjäger armed with an MP-40 and a Die Eihandgranate М-39 grenade at Monte Cassino, Italy, 1944
Must have been a rough ride, that horse on the left looks like he's got a bout of motion sickness..............☺️?
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1945, Köln area, Germany. German defensive positions.
Wehrmacht soldiers on the advance, Crimean Peninsula, November 1941

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