Afrika Korps Pz.Kpfw II
Flammpanzer III Ausf. M / Panzer III (Fl) - Flamethrower tank. 100 built on new Ausf. M chassis
The Flammpanzer III was ready by mid-1943. Additional armor was provided as well as more for extinguishers than the standard tank, and a dummy gun was fit to give the impression the vehicle was not totally defenseless against armor. It was more commonly found in Italy but used in Russia as well

Tiger 2, Berlin 1945. The gun has become stuck in the recoil position after the recuperators have failed.

Those Tiger tanks were powerful but were so complex. Their Maybach engines for example, were engineering masterpieces, built to last decades. But the truth of the matter was, that WW2 tanks' life span were measured in hours/days/weeks once they entered combat. I wonder how many MkIV tanks Germany could have built for the cost of one Tiger or Tiger2?
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This Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.J is an excellent example of how the Germans would improvise a winter camouflage scheme, in this case using chalk! Note the "scribbled" manner in which the white color has been applied. In the background is a pair of mittlerer schützenpanzerwagen Sd.Kfz.251s, probably Ausf.Bs. The picture was taken by Kriegsberichter Tannenberg on February 1942, on the way to Moscow.

Source :
Book "Panzer Vor: German Armor At War 1939-45" by Frank V. De Sisto

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