Photos WW2 Finnish armed forces

One of the MGs was positioned on the roof of the Finnish Mail's Head Office, SA-kuva pic 5734, Feb 24 1940. The gun is Finnish 7,62 ItKk/31 VKT, designed by Aimo Lahti and manufactured by the State Rifle Factory.

Continuation War, Finland.
Pioneers in action. Think this is training, because place marked as "Korian pion." that could then be Korian´s pioneer school/course, but dont know, something explodes next to the boats any way. Korian pion 1941.07.25 (SA-kuva)

In the late 1941 the Finns weren't sure if the enemy had abandoned the Suursaari (Gogland) Island, so they sent a recon patrol on Dec 12. Four Estonians were found and when interrogated they told the Island being unmanned. They had been evacuated from the Hanko base in the beginning of December but somehow managed to reach the Island, obviously not wanting to return to the USSR. As the Gulf of Finland wasn't totally frozen supplies had to be parachuted. Fortunately, a few days later the ice could carry skiers and even 20 mm AA guns. Eventually, that 21 square kilometers large island was secured by some 70 soldiers having two 20 AA guns.
Meanwhile, the enemy had realized the Island being strategically significant, being located in the middle of the Finnish Gulf. A company-sized unit invaded in the night of Jan 2 1942. Finns were engaged in the accommodation area. Most likely the Soviet operation was poorly commanded since practically all Finns managed to retreat to the Haapasaari Island, loosing three MIA.
On Jan 4 the Finnish Supreme HQ ordered the Navy HQ to plan the Suursaari Invasion. The Coastal Brigade of the Eastern Gulf of Finland issued the 2nd Coastal Battalion for the operation. Preparations were started in the mid-January and during the next ten weeks the Battalion thoroughly reconned the defense arrangements using ski patrols. Also the Airforce and radio intelligence participated the preparations.
The pics are taken on March 25-27 in the Haapasaari area.
SA-kuva photos # 78480 and 78582
Jatkosodan historia, osa 6, p. 85-86

Continuation War, Finland.
Pics from Vannisenmäki, knocked out bunkers etc. Also a American-Finn who at some point had moved to Petroskoi, and now ended up as a POW in Finland. Vannisenmäki 1941.07.25 (SA-kuva)

Continuation War, Finland.
At the Hanko front, commander Major Lundström visits, what they at the time, called The Foreign Legion, amongst them a Polish, a German and a Hungarian soldier. Hanko 1941.07.25 (SA-kuva)

Starting on Nov 30 1939 the Finns found themselves being threatened by a massive airforce but practically having no AA weaponry whasoever. So after the Winter War they bought guns e.g from Germany, managing to get 20 heavy (75 mm) Skoda and 92 light (40 mm) Bofors guns in the late 1940. In June 1941 they purchased 24 heavy guns more with 63000 shells.
These pics are taken on March 23 1944. Original caption claims the gun being Skoda and belonging to the 108th Heavy AA Battery "Lato", which was positioned on the fields of Latokartano, Viikki district, Helsinki. However, my source Kohtalon yöt by Atso Haapanen says that the Battery was equipped with 76 ItK/31-SS guns (SS meaning sotasaalis/war trophy) and the Skodas being used by the 107th Heavy AA Battery "Kasa", positioned on the Kasavuori Hill, Marjaniemi cape, Helsinki.
Knowing nothing about the search light except that it was used by the AA Regiment 1, so any further info is highly appreciated.
SA-kuva photos # 148012.jpg, 148013 and 148017


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And....once again, Great Photos of the Finnish front mate, THANKS for posting them!! That front evidenced by these pics looked brutal as the whole bloddy war was! Particularly love the pics of the BAR's the troops were firing and the pioneers! (Y)

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