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Photos WW2 Axis Forces

Romanians during battle of Stalingrad.On the first photo they armed with Orita M1941 smg and czech vz. 24 rifles,on the second with ZB-26 and italian Carcano rifles
румыныOrita M1941.jpg
MG34 machine gunner of the Indian Legion at the Atlantic Wall, France, March 1944.

Many tried to flee to Switzerland at the end, got caught by the Americans and handed over to the Brits. Got sent back to India, where the cadres were trialled for treason together with their counterparts from the INA. In the end, few served long sentences and some became involved in the Indian independence struggle.
Nimrod of the 2. Hungarian Armored Division destroyed between Mór and Söréd and most likely lost between 16 and 18 March 1945 Hungary
Hungarian troops in coverage beside a 39M Csaba armoured car in Ukraine (1941)
Hungarian 40M Nimród anti-aircraft battery in firing position along the Zsámbék Páty road, Hungary
Nimród 40M of the Hungarian 2nd Armoured Division, Eastern Galicia, April 1944
Former Czechoslovak Air Force (Československé letectvo) Avia B.135 fighter aircraft, with pilots of the Bulgarian Air Force (Voennovazdushni sili)
Romanian machine gun position on the Crimean coast, Soviet Union, June 1942

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