Photos WW1 Japanese, Italian and Allied Forces

A couple of soldiers from the Italian Rifle Battalion, carrying their bicycles on their backs as they walk up a hill, c. 1915
Exhausted men and dogs of a Belgian machine gun section resting by the roadside in Louvain, during their retreat to Antwerp, 20 August 1914.
Siamese (Thai) soldiers on their way to the front line, August 1918
Italian manned torpedoes were used in WW1.

The sole remaining manned torpedo is displayed in a Rome museum.

Seen here is the battleship Jugoslavia shortly before it completely sank with loss of over 300 crew, including an admiral who was crushed by a falling mast. Nov. 1, 1918. It had just been transferred to Serbia who was Italy's enemy at the time.

Wikipedia article says the ship was sunk by a mine - another article claims it was a motorized torpedo that was manually attached to the ship. Believe what you like. A ship moored aear the Jugoslavia was also sunk by the explosion.

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