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WWI German air ace Heinrich Gontermann with Albatros-Flugzeugwerke D.III.

Unsure of which particular unit this is or the year.
Bulgarian infantry positions against Anglo-French allies during First Word War, 1917






This female corporal was Donka Ushlinova, a veteran from the anti-Ottoman uprisings in Macedonia before being recruited in the Bulgarian regular army. Decorated with the Order of Bravery three times.

A painter serving in the Bulgarian military during the war. On the back of this picture he wroted: "The chrysanthemums that my mother sent me - she grow them for me - I painted them. K.S. November 1917"


Bulgaria pilot


The Royal carriage of Peter the First of Serbia, captured in Prizren by the Bulgarian military


Crown Prince of Bulgaria Boris the Third (on the right) accompanies Emperor Charles the First of Austria during his visit in Sofia. Boris was a pacifist in comparison with his father and allies. During WW2 as Tsar he tried to avoid alliance with Hitler and kept close ties with the political wing that opposed anti-semitism. Approximately 50 000 people were saved thanks to his executive orders that derailed and suspended the mass deportation of Jews to occupied Poland.

WW1 Austro-Hungarian postcard size picture I acquired at the Collectors Fair in Brasov, Romania.

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Cropped views of the medal awards and cute dog.

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U.S. Doughboy with a Winchester M97 Shotgun & French-Made Garrison Cap, 1918
In the beginning of August 1914, Austro-Hungarian soldiers of 42nd Croatian Home Guard Infantry Division maimed and hanged his father, mother, grandmother, his three sisters, and four of his brothers. His house was also set on fire. Momčilo survived because he was not at home when it happened—his father had sent him to his uncle earlier.

Left without family and without a home, Momčilo went to find the 6th Artillery Division of the Serbian army, which was near Gučevo at the time. Major Stevan Tucović, brother of Dimitrije Tucović, accepted Gavrić into his unit after hearing about what had happened, and assigned Miloš Mišović, a soldier in the unit, to be Gavrić's caretaker. The same evening, he took revenge by showing his unit the location of the Austro-Hungarian soldiers, and participated in the bombardment, as told by his son Branislav Gavrić in an interview.

At the age of 8, after the Battle of Cer, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal by the commander of his unit, and given a military uniform.

When his unit was sent to Thessaloniki, Major Tucović sent him to Sorovits where he hastily went through the equivalent of four grades of elementary education.

In Kajmakčalan, Field Marshal Mišić was stunned when he saw a uniformed ten-year-old boy in the trenches. Major Tucović explained the situation to him; that Gavrić had been with them since the Battle of Cer, and that he had both been taught discipline and been wounded during his time in the unit. Mišić promoted Gavrić to Lance Sergeant, and the order was read out to the whole divisiončilo_Gavrić
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Picked this up last year or the year before, damaged photo of a KuK Austro-Hungarian Officer.
Medal bar, Left to Right -
1. Austrian Military Merit Cross.
2 & 3. Die Militärverdienstmedaille (Signum Laudis Medal)
4. Karl Truppen-Kreuz aka the Mobilization Cross.
5. Die Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste um das Rote Kreuz.