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The joy of giving.

On the eve of the holidays, students of the Academy of Land Forces "Nicolae Bálcescu" from Sibiu made the children of the Inclusive Education School Center No. 2 Sibiu. Members of the Sibian military academic community supported them, congratulated them, gave them gifts and a more beautiful day.
"Want to know us and see what "Santa of AFT" brought, the relationship between us and them was beyond everyone's expectations, good will, pendants and games being indispensable. They have demonstrated one by one how strong we can be, and we have learned that it is important to always be positive. This activity was an honor and a pleasure, we managed to bring warmth not only in their souls, but also in ours," sd testified. sg. May. Cristina Corbeanu. May. Alisa Vornicu, one of the helpers from Santa's AFT: "We organized and involved, both physically and emotionally, to share smiles, toys, sweets and a little bit of our time to these children who received us with great joy." After the first moments spent together, we were deeply impressed by how much happiness we can bring to these children through small gestures.
Photo : sd. sg. Radu Marius
Lyrics by Elena Cucu
Oh brother, I hope she doesn't do that in the can tell that's quite staged :oops: ? :rolleyes:

Major Or Ben Yehuda-Livni - the first female infantry battalion commander in IDF (a coed unit responsible for border security).


Captain Or Ben Yehuda-Livni receiving citations for her conduct under fire in 2015. During an engagement with a terrorists on the Egyptian border she was wounded. Despite her wounds she evacuated to safety a wounded soldier under her command and succeeded to hold the attack until the arrival of assistance.

The article (in Hebrew):

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Oh brother, I hope she doesn't do that in the can tell that's quite staged :oops: ? :rolleyes:

You mean pointing the rifle in the photographer general direction? I am pretty sure it wasn't loaded with a cartridge in the chamber/barrel and more than likely the rifle had the fire selector on "safe" mode. Sure looks like a staged photo before the actual training exercise
Military Police Officer during a period of war against the PCC that left at least 300 dead in Brazil, 2006

PCC (First Command of the Capital), is a criminal drug organization that uses urban narcoterrorism tactics in their actions. They are the biggest faction in the world, being present in several countries and it is the biggest faction that dominates São Paulo (being practically the only one). They carry out various actions from attacks to dominate territories, to bank robberies using guerrilla and terrorist methods. They are in frequent undeclared war with the São Paulo Military Police, especially with the ROTA unit, which are the police that most harm the PCC, with deaths, arrests and seizures of weapons and drugs.

They are on a wave of carrying out bank robberies, where in most cases the police manage to eliminate most of the criminals and make some arrests when there is no resistance.
Lakewood Police Department Agent Ashley Ferris


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