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Congratulations to Pte. Nicole Carroll from the Defence Forces Central Medical Unit who was awarded the prestigious Capt Dara Fitzpatrick award for 2024.

The Captain Dara Fitzpatrick Award was launched by the Irish Paramedicine Education and Research Network (IPERN) in 2023 to honour the memory of one of Ireland’s first female search and rescue pilots.

The award ceremony celebrates those women working in full-time or voluntary roles who have distinguished themselves on particular call-outs or events within the Irish pre-hospital setting and the emergency services community.

Pte. Carroll was recognised as embodying Dara’s values of Compassion & Kindness, Strength & Bravery, Leadership & Teamwork, and Professionalism.
OR-2 Rianne (25), a member of M-platoon (Mortars) within the Netherlands Battle Company of NATO eFP Battlegroup Lithuania.
As part of a proficient 3-person team managing the 81 mm mortar, Rianne takes charge of installing the baseplate and aiming device. Additionally, she meticulously prepares the ammunition before initiating fires.
“I ensure the bombs hit their mark. Regularly adjusting and monitoring the mortar's elevation and azimuth is crucial for accuracy and hitting the intended target. With the help of my team, we make it happen!”


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