Article When the Green Berets provided fire support to a Spetsnaz assault

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Mar 6, 2018
It happened in the winter and into the spring of 2001, months prior to the the events of September 11th, which of course changed the trajectory of US Special Operations Forces forever. This was a time in which the Green Berets were not as widely known by the public and not so often reported on by the press. Special Forces members deployed around the world training foreign militaries, and sometimes on more quiet, classified operations. However, combat was very rare for these troops. Technically, it was peacetime. But in the 1990’s, war had again visited Europe in the Balkans, and Special Forces were deployed to Bosnia and Kosovo.

the full story :
I started reading the book - One Green Beret: Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and beyond: 15 Extraordinary years in the life 1996-2011 by Mark Giaconia (kindle edition using kindleunlimited). Form the first few pages (operation Viking hammer in 2003 with the Kurds), the author is not a gungho , we feel his fears, apprehension facing enemy fire, dead bodies,.... look good so far.
Finished the book.

Well this guy was doing more DrunkInt in his life than anybody . Drinking with Serbs, Russians, UPK, Bosnian, Kurds,.... to get information and intelligence.

The first 2 chapter were about the viking operations in 2003 in Iraq. then follow almost half the book when he returned to the USA to train as GeoIntel specialist, developing GIS apps, ..... the rest of the book was his life as Joint Commissioned Observer in Bosnia and the preparation of the invasion in the Kurd's part of Iraq in 2003.

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