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Discussion in 'Military News articles' started by John A Silkstone, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. BravoZulu Australia

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    The RN likes to tweak the noses of the French;)
  2. AAR Galileo

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    French artillery in Iraq/Syria : "CAESAr in the Levant: fear is in the enemy's camp"

    Imagine a dark night, you are in your entrenched camp on the outskirts of a city, the enemy who wants to see you dead will soon start encirclement but it is still more than 50km. Nothing to report for now, after your turn, you fall asleep quietly.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! A terrible hiss, followed by a shock that propels you a few meters, here is your alarm clock! In front of you, a mortar position, whole a few minutes ago has just disappeared and with it, three of your comrades. And that will last two hours, your fortifications that were to help you contain the next assault are almost all in dust.

    The shooting stopped, you can put the wounded in the shelter before taking your post among those who still stand. Long minutes pass, nothing, the stress goes down, you are ready to fight.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Now you are dead. Soon, when the artillery kills itself for good, the enemy will take care of your comrades who will not be able to hide anymore. From dawn, this strategic battle was lost.

    It is about the hell lived by the men of the Islamic State a few months ago when the artillerymen of Task Force Wagram launched a historic night raid under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Frédéric Jordan. Artillery officer stationed at 40 ° RA since July 2016 and freshly returned from Iraq, Jordan has done us the honor to present his RETEX to the press.

    French soldiers are almost always surprising. When we wait for a man who has operated in the Iraqi desert, harassing and terrorizing Daesh, we can not help but imagine a Rambo. Yet, we find ourselves facing a man who looks like us, no bigger, no more threatening. He looks like us, with the difference that he has a mind of steel through which he can lead his men to the end of their mission, and that is exactly what commands respect.

    Jordan and his gunners fired exactly 1448 shells at Daesh positions between October 2017 and February 2018. During the 91 fire missions carried out, the CAESAr were tested, and they satisfied. Hardiness, reliability, cadence, reach, without loss of precision (according to the information given during the RETEX, the precision of the shots was almost perfect, only 10% of the situations would have required a correction of the shot), the CAESAr would have even impressed ! The Americans who ensured the extended protection of the CAESAr units praised the professionalism of the French artillerymen, in the words of Lieutenant-Colonel (besides the efficiency of the gun, it is the whole artillery chain which made its proofs: transmission of data, calculation of firing elements, etc.), and all those who were able to observe the firing by drone were impressed by the effects of the French system. The Task Force (6 CAESAr and 150 men in total) even received many visits from Iraqi officers who already had the experience of French armament since they were partially equipped during the difficult Iran-Iraq war. Note in any case that impress the ally across the Atlantic is rare but, we must imagine eighteen shots automatically fired in the space of a few minutes, when American gunners are leaving six shells that are more, reloaded by hand.

    In addition to a maximum range of 38km (over the duration of the mandate of Jordan, many shots reached the 34km but most of the time the CAESAr were located between 15 and 25km from their targets), which surpasses the American capabilities in the field of shooting. The US Paladin, though effective, rarely exceeds 24km range, and thus gives CAESAr this strategic importance, it is its ability to adapt that has satisfied the Iraqi theater. In this sand desert, where the weather changes from very hot during the day to very cold at night, where storms and stormy showers transform the landscape, the CAESAr systems have never let up.

    The mission of the Task Force under Jordan's command was to support the Iraqi security forces in their broad movement of resumption of territories to the Islamic State. Essential to the maneuvers of the forces, the CAESAr made it possible to complete the artillery of the coalition (classic or multiple rocket launcher), that of the Iraqi forces, as well as the bombardments of the aviation. During the first two months of the mandate, the forces were engaged in a kinetic maneuver to retake the Euphrates Valley. Here, the CAESAr has been able to demonstrate its effectiveness: support units, harassment, neutralization of mortars, removal of positions etc. Above all, do not believe that the job of artillery is to reduce the enemy into small pieces! Of the 91 firing missions, although 45 were explosive fire missions, 41 were illuminating fire missions which, in addition to having an illuminating effect, as their name indicates, had a significant impact on the mentality of Iraqi troops in contact with the enemy: we are right behind you.

    translated from forcesoperations.com/caesar-au-levant-la-peur-est-dans-le-camp-de-lennemi/

    When the forces of the Islamic State were pushed away from the first liberated cities, they logically opted for the mode of operation where they are the most dangerous: the counterinsurgency. Here too, according to Jordan, CAESAr has adapted. For the Lieutenant-Colonel, if the CAESAr can stop a column of tanks, its effects are peculiar to counter-insurgency for two reasons. First, in an environment that lends itself to concealment, the CAESAr is used to flush out the enemy: the gun is ready to fire in record time (the speed of engagement is an undeniable added value in the international coalition according to Jourdan), a reconnaissance drone is launched, the men carry out the targeting, wait for the authorization, then send out the shells while remaining a few tens of kilometers away from potential enemy suicide attacks. If it is necessary to move urgently, the men return to the cabin of the truck and withdraw without disorder. Secondly, CAESAr would be a " conventional deterrent " because of its " brutality" . More than mere tools to flush out, the rapid fire of 155mm explosive shells remind the enemy what he might have to do if he ever tried dangerous action. A few guns would then be enough to turn him around or to "dissuade" him out of his positions.

    At the end of RETEX, when a French journalist asked Jordan if the French gunners had a " hunting board", he replied in the negative " We know who shot, what target, what, and what moment, but no, we do not hold a hunting table, they are what they are, men of Daesh, they remain our enemies and we respect our enemies. In any case, the artillery is back, and the CAESAr remain in Iraq.
  3. AAR Galileo

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    France: The C-160 Gabriel , the SIGINT plane deployed in Iraq/Syria to fight ISIS

    A rare, official image of a secretive French C-160G Gabriel intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft supporting the ongoing U.S.-led campaign against ISIS has emerged online. The plane’s appearance comes as coalition forces on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border are in the midst of a new offensive to take the steam out of the terrorist group's recent resurgence.

    On May 17, 2018, the official Twitter account of Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, the top command in charge of operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, made a post lauding France’s contributions to the air war against the terrorists. The Tweet included a picture of French Rafale multi-role fighter jets and the C-160G.

    more : http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zon...orting-campaign-against-isis-slips-out-online
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  4. Wallensi

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    West's knowledge of Novichok came from sample secured in 1990s: report

    The West’s knowledge of the secret Russian nerve agent that Britain says was used to poison an ex-spy and his daughter came from a sample obtained by Germany in the 1990s, German media reported on Wednesday.
    In a joint report, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the weekly Die Zeit and broadcasters NDR and WDR said Germany’s BND spy agency had secured the sample of the Novichok nerve agent from a Russian scientist.
    The sample was analyzed in Sweden and the chemical formula was given to the German government and military, the report cited sources as saying. Western countries used the information to help develop countermeasures.
    The story could help shed light on how Britain was able to analyze the poison it says was used to attack former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in England in March.
    Britain has blamed Russia for the poisoning. More than 20 Western countries have shown their support for London by expelling Russian diplomats over the affair, the biggest expulsion since the Cold War.
    Moscow has denied blame and says London has not been forthcoming about how it investigated the poison.
    More here=https://www.reuters.com/article/us-...-sample-secured-in-1990s-report-idUSKCN1IH2HC

    France, allies call for emergency session of U.N. chemical weapons watchdog

    Thirty-three countries called on Friday for an emergency plenary session of the world’s chemical watchdog to propose a new way to attribute blame for attacks with banned munitions, after efforts to impose a new system at the United Nations broke down.
    The countries met in Paris as part of the “Impunity Partnership”, which France launched in January, with the objective of preserving evidence of chemical weapons attacks, establishing who is responsible and imposing sanctions.
    France wants those nations to support the creation of a new mechanism at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to enable it to assign blame for attacks carried out with banned munitions, French diplomats said.
    “We regret that no measure has so far been adopted by key international bodies to hold to account the perpetrators involved in chemical attacks,” said a final communique from 33 nations from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.
    The move comes in the wake of a suspected poison gas attack by Syrian government forces east of Damascus in April. Syria and its ally Russia denied that any attack had taken place and that they were holding up inspections or had tampered with evidence at the site.
    More here=https://www.reuters.com/article/us-...f-u-n-chemical-weapons-watchdog-idUSKCN1IJ0ND
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