D20 152MM in same event same source behind you can see a RV-02 radar a upgrade of the RV01 which made base on vostok e radar that Vietnam bought licens
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HQ-07 aka ex USS Prowess (AM-280) Admirable mines sweep class , in1970 it was transfer to Hải quân Việt Nam Cộng hòa ( south viet nam navy) a rename HQ-13 Hà Hồi. after 30-4-1975, the ship belong to Hải quân Nhân dân Việt Nam(Vietnam people navy )and name change to T-13 and later HQ-07.
ship weight 650 ton , weapon are 1 76,2mm and 2 37mm double barrel version (1979)
at the night of 7/1/1979 the ship along with other navy escot of task force 171 who are assign to protect the western flank of the landing force , manage to repel and it self manage to sunk 3 Khmer rough boat , burn and damage a bunch of other and force the Khmer rough navy back and success protect the landing force also it and other navy ship + provide shore arty bombard support the navy inf , the ship only get slightly damage and didn't lost any of it crew member , by the 80s the ship like the rest of American origin ship are not in working order dual to lack spare part for engine and other thing and was scrap in the 90s , the only American origin ship left are the landing craft and river boat fleet that belong to the border guard and army that patrol the cuu long river ( me kong river )
Nguyễn Văn Lập vietnamese name of Kostas Sarantidis he are the only foreigner soldier of vietnam people army to get the title Anh hùng Lực lượng Vũ trang Nhân dân ( hero of people army ) one of the highest title a military person can get in Vietnam and he also the only greek person to served in Vietnam people army , there are Japanese / german / france / morocco / Algerian / Spanish , ... serve in Vietnam people army but nguyen van lap is a rare case where he is the only person of his nationality in our army , at the age of 16 he was force to conscript by the Nazi german , was taken to german but by the time he reach Yugoslavia ww2 ended , he and another Yugoslav guy went on to italia where he found another greek who just join French legion and Kostas at that time didn't have any paper to proof him self a greek to return to greek so he chose to join French legion and was send to Vietnam to fight , his time in French legionare was not good , mistreat by commande(cause he was being to soft and nice to the local ) + he didn't like how the French treat the Vietnamese and see countless of war crime commited by his comrade , he decide to defect to Vietminh ( which later become Vietnam people army ) he just one of many soldier served under French to defect to Vietnam side , by 1965 he and like majority of foreigner who fight for Vietminh decide to return home ( btw by late 50 and early 60 most of foreigner soldier are being retire from the military and transfer to civilian job ) btw he still a vietnamese citizen


VPNS 381 the sole BPS500 class being launch in 1999 , was the first domestic built missile ship weight around 600t it also the only ship in the navy using pump jet source Kien thuc new paper
Vietnam people naval airforce DHC6-400 cargo version and MPA version source jetphoto ( taken by do gia huy ) mpa are belong to the company that do the modify . dhc 6 short take off range able it to land on Vietnam island in SCS ( east sea in Vietnamese )



Caption for this picture says "Vietnamese sappers with akm using their comrade to walk on barb wire".
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