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Mil News US State Department approves possible Javelin contract with Georgia

Discussion in 'Military News articles' started by Gordus, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Gordus Germany

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    For the purpose of increasing national defence capacities, the Georgian government requested 410 Javelin missiles and 72 launch units, as well as 10 BSTs and up to 70 simulated rounds and related material in support of the program, from the United States, for a total summ of $75 million.

    The US State Department approves the notion reasoning it would not shift the mil balance in the region but only strenghten Georgia's capabiliy to defend itself. The proposal was sent to Congress on 17 November. Georgia's Deputy Defence Minister reassured in an interview with Azerbaijani press that weapons purchised from the United States, including the Javelin would only serve as deterrent and defence, not to attack other countries.

    Georgia already posesses a number of Soviet ATGM weapons, however the Javelin would be the first fire-and-forget type missile with multiple launch options.



    Let's see where this goes.

    This still has to be concluded yet.
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  2. Bombardier

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    That kit would be a significant addition to Georgian Military lets hope it is ratified
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