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Hoc Mon, Vietnam
HOC MON, VIETNAM-6/15/69-: An American GI (right) holds a grenade launcher at the ready as members of the 82nd Airborne Division cross a small river. Action took place recently northwest of Saigon.

Unlike the F-4 Phantom the F-105D Thunderchief was armed with a single 20-mm M61Vulcan cannon in the port forward fuselage, and could carry a staggering 1,028 rounds of ammunition for this devastating weapon. It was used both for self defence and attacking ground targets.

A FireFly Star light, NOD, star bright hello, charlie I see you at night and you are in my sights no where to run to and no where to hide. Light his ass up!!! Night Hawk

This photo shows a Soviet spy trawler shadowing 7th Fleet ships at Yankee Station in October 1966. The photo was taken from the fleet ocean tug USS Arikara (ATF 98), which was in service from World War II until 1970. Soviet trawlers were a common sight for the fleet during the Cold War, but the trawlers that garnered more attention in Vietnam seem to have been the North Vietnamese ones trying to infiltrate supplies to the VC. Anyone have a story about Soviet trawlers in the Gulf of Tonkin?
Official U.S. Navy photo (USN 1119316)


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