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1970s - Largest Communist Rice Cache Distributed to South Vietnamese Refugees ; Hundreds of tons of rice, laboriously carried bag by bag down North Vietnamese Army infiltration routes into Quang Tri Province in South Vietnam to support Communist forces, are being used to feed 20,000 refugee families of that province. Nearly 4,000 bags of the rice marked with origin in Communist China were distributed to anti-Communist refugees in eight districts of Quang Tri. The 140 tons distributed by allied forces to date, and estimated to be sufficient to feed 5,000 Communist soldiers for more than two months.

1970s - Government Medical Civic Action teams check and treat refugees in the many centers established for their welfare following attacks by the Viet Cong that drove them from their home.

1960s - Instant Shower: Young Vietnamese boy is given a quick shower by U.S. Army civic action specialists at a new refugee camp at Phan Rang, located on the South China Sea coast 350 kilometers northeast of Saigon. The boy was with 250 refugees airlifted from Binh Dinh province. There the refugees lived in camps being harassed by the Viet Cong. At the new camp, refugee families were given 240 hectares of land with a high water table, a cash dislocation allowance, seeds and tools. It is expected that the farms will produce high-yield results with such cash crops as garlic, onions and watermelons.

1960s - Loading 2.75 inch snow artillery rockets into a holder on a helicopter

Jan 22, 1968 - Landing ship transport #587, fully loaded with conex containers and other supplies of the 1st Cav Div (Airmobile), awaits clearance to leave as the Division moves to Camp Evans, 22 kms north of Hue

March 1967 – USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) during replenishment in the South China Sea, off the Vietnam Coast. Visible are the tails of two A-3 Skywarriors, assigned to the Heavy Attack Squadron (VAH-4).

Sailors aboard two Patrol Craft, Fast (PCFs) watch for enemy ambush positions as their craft tow a third one damaged by enemy fire near the lower Ca Mau Peninsula in April 1969.

1965 – A wounded Viet Cong, held prisoner by US Marines during an Operation.

1965 – US Marines helping a wounded comrade desembark from an LVTP5 during Operation Startlight.Operation Starlight was an Operation to eliminate the VC 1st Regiment with a three-pronged attack, conducted by the U.S. near the Van Tuong Peninsula in Quang Tri Province, then moved south of Chu Lai in Quang Ngai Province. Included landing zones west and southwest of the hamlets Nam Yen and An Cuong.

1965 – US Marines landing on a beach, marking the beginning of US involvement in the Vietnam war.

1965 – US Marines of 7th Marine Regiment in Vietnam during Operation Starlight.

April 1965 - 200-man company crossing the Tourane river (Former French name of Da Nang).

Operation Starlight.
Aug 20, 1965, Chu Lai - United States Marines help a wounded Vietnamese woman and her son to an evacuation helicopter, after their village was caught in crossfire between US and Communist forces during last stages of the big battle at Chu Lai during Operation Starlight.

March 12, 1965 - Children watch as U.S. Marines pass through their village March 11th. The Marines, here to protect the U.S. air bases near Da Nang, were en route to take up positions in the hilly areas around the air bases.

Oct 22, 1965 - Marine Aided by Buddies. Da Nang, South Vietnam: A wounded U.S. Marine is aided by buddies as they struggle through waist-high "elephant grass" during operation near here October 14th. The purpose of the 6-day offensive was to clear the area of Viet Cong guerrillas. The operation's limited results included the capture of an important Communist diary.


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