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John West shows the bullet hole in his helmet courtesy of the Viet Cong. Bullet hit the steel and John said all he suffered was a horrible headache. November 1965

Marines from the 3rd Marine Division photographed by British photographer Larry Burrows during Operation Prairie, Quảng Trị Province, South Vietnam. 1966.
Image courtesy of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri.

A soldier with the U.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division is helped by a fellow soldier as he crawls from the mud of a rice paddy while taking heavy Viet Cong fire near An Thi in South Vietnam on Jan. 30, 1966. U.S. troops were engaged in a fierce 24-hour battle with the enemy along the central coast.Associated Press photo by Henri Huet
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Marine Corporal James E. Blake, 22 (Fremont, Nebraska) checks the instruments in the cockpit of Whiskey Uniform Three (WU-3), an F-4J Phantom jet of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 334 (VMFA-334). With the excellent maintenance and repair from ground crews of VMFA-334, WU-3 set a possible record for F-4Js of 82 missions and 107 flight hours during the month of March (official USMC photo by Corporal John Ehlert)
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Original description and photo sourced by the USMC Archive and US National Archive

February 1968, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam --- Cargo plane hit by a shard as it was taking off.

February 1968, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam Soldiers unload the cargo from a CH-46 "Sea Knight"helicopter, resupplying to the Khe Sanh entrenched camp.

U.S. Marines tank crews watch results of American air support from inside the allied base on March 1st, just below the DMZ. U.S. Leathernecks later laid down murderous fire across the barbed wire perimeter, repulsing one of several North Vietnamese thrusts against the strong point.


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