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FSB-Fuller, Northern I Corps.

Seen from the boat he just jumped from, a Navy SEAL (Sea Air Land Team Member) hoists his Mk 23 (Stoner 63) high as he makes his way ashore through deep mud during a combat operation in South Vietnam in May 1970. Although it only fired 5.56 mm rounds, at about 13 pounds, the Stoner in its light machine gun (LMG) configuration weighed roughly half of what a comparable M60 machine gun (firing 7.62 mm rounds) weighed, making it much more portable.

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Original description and photo sourced from:
Chief Photographer's Mate A. Hill/ US Navy photo K-84315/ National Archives and Records Administration via Naval History and Heritage Command

A "Zippo" Monitor of Task Force 117 uses it's dual flamethrowers to reduce possible enemy ambush sites along the riverbank of a small waterway in the Mekong Delta on May 3, 1968. Getting its nickname from the popular lighter, the different variants of Zippo Monitors were a valuable component of the Mobile Riverine Force. Official U.S. Navy Photo (USN 1135595)
We'll never forget the 2nd nite @ LZ Kate when our AF B-52 bombers dropped their devastating munitions within a click (1000 meters), which was the closest allowable distance to drop within friendly territory. Since the mission was at night, the "light shows" were unforgettable and the ground tremblings rivaled major earthquakes. To sum up, it was not an ordinary evening! ^$@!*%$(#*%$@! — in South Vietnam. Photo by Jerry McGrath

Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corps. A Salute to the Veterans of the Vietnam War

Marines of 2d Plt Mike Co, 3d Bn, 9th Marines at the Rockpile. From left Doc Herald, Pfc Carpio, LCpl James Shepherd, LCpl George Gaumer, Pfc John Burton, December 1967.

2d Plt Mike 3/9 Marines on a sweep near the Rockpile-1967. From left Philip Sturgeon, Cpl Dunne, Sgt Charles VanVleet (standing), Bruce Altmeyer (back of head), Kenneth Honaker (Corpsman), and Ross Britton

Cpl Paul Cofield on a camouflaged road used by NVA, primitive tools

Radioman Francis Comer waiting for a chopper, 2d plt, Mike Co, 3d Battalion, 9th Marines, 1968

Machinegun team attached to 2d plt, Mike, 3d Battalion, 9th Marines near DMZ, 1968

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