Ukrainian vehicles roll to join 2-7 CAV for their next joint mission during exercise Combined Resolve XI in Hohenfels, Germany, Dec. 10, 2018. CBRXI at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center is the final exercise in 1-1 CD’s rotation in support of Atlantic Resolve in Europe, which evaluates the interoperability of U.S. forces with their NATO allies and partners. (U.S. Army National Guard photos by Staff Sgt. Ron Lee, 382nd Public Affairs Detachment, 1ABCT, 1CD released)

HI-RES is here >>> Ukrainian Armored Vehicles Are Part of the Multinational Team of Exercise Combined Resolve XI

thanks for posting. For whatever reason, this exercise got almost no coverage even on the official Ministry of Defense Facebook page.
36th Marines Brigade


Ukrainian Soldiers perform room clearing procedures under the guidance of the US Army Tennessee National Guard. in Yavoriv, Ukraine, Nov. 15


Ukrainian Soldiers ride on top of a BMP with the Ukrainian flag during an exercise at Rapid Trident 18 held at the Yavoriv CTC, Ukraine, Sept. 3.


A dog sits with Ukrainian Soldiers on top of a BMP during Rapid Trident 18 held at the Yavoriv CTC, Ukraine, Sept. 3.


Ukrainian Soldiers from new rotational unit, trains with RPG's in the field at Yavoriv CTC, Ukraine, Oct. 18.

All photos by the US Army Tennessee National Guard.
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Parts of the UN troops which unknown country will receive the Ukrainian KrAZ party?

Units of the unnamed state, members of the UN contingent, will receive a large batch of all-wheel drive KrAZ -5233 (4x4) and KrAZ-65053 chassis (6x4). This is reported in the company "AvtoKrAZ". All trucks are equipped with 380 hp engines.






Odessa Aviation Plant transferred to the Poltava Museum of long-range and strategic aviation MiG-27.

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did Ukraine operate MiG-27 or was it inherited from Soviet times

Yes, they did operate it, but obviously this was Made back in the USSR. Furthermore, this is an incredibly rare Su-27K version (only 200 were made) designed for smart munitions. As always, Ukraine made a blunder of decommissioning this model back int he early 2000s.
Not a really good photo, but all that has been released so far.

Private Vladislav Prostyakov forever 22 from the 79th Airborne Brigade was killed by a high caliber round fired by either heavy machine gun or a sniper rifle on December 13th, 2018

During the same engagement another paratrooper Vyacheslav Moroz, 50 years old succumbed to the heart attack.


The third KIA from the 79th Airborne Brigade on this "Black Thursday" was Victor Kuropyatkin, 45 years of age.

This is an old photo when he served in the Marines
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Ukrainian Air Force Major Oleksandr Fomenko, forever 43 was killed when his Su-27 fighter crashed during landing on December 15, 2018


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