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GMW Uk Uh-1 Site

Discussion in 'Good Military Websites' started by rotorwash, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. rotorwash United States

    rotorwash Sergeant Major MI.Net Member

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    http://www.huey.co.uk/news121.php If I have this right this site has info on a former member of my unit in Viet Nam, John O Sullivan, who was a pilot of some renown in the US Army. There will be a ceremony in County Kerry, Ireland, and I think he is being commemorated sometime in April, 2017. Here is the notice from my E-mail:

    "Thank you for letting us know about the upcoming commemoration, Peter. I enjoyed the web page you included. I am including our 174th Listserv on this reply, which includes over 350 former 174th veterans. Flight, if any of you want any more information on this, please feel free to contact Peter Murphy directly. Thanks, Jim McD> -------------------------- Sent from my iPad2 > On Mar 21, 2017, at 11:55 AM, "peterdmurphy@eircom.net" <peterdmurphy@eircom.net> wrote: > > Hi Jim and Butch, > > I came across your website and thought I would send you on details of > a Commemoration for one of your former colleagues that is due to take place > in County Kerry Ireland in April (John O Sullivan was born there) > > Please see link below from the UK Huey site. They will be attending with their Huey and Loach. > > http://www.huey.co.uk/news121.php > > There should be quite a few heli’s there also. I fly an OH6A that was assigned to Alpha Company 2/17 101st > and she will be there. (Current reg is N239MY, Vietnam Tail No, 17172) > > I am sure there will be photos etc up on the web after the event that might be of interest > to some of your members. > > > Best regards > > Peter Murphy "

    I just got this, so I am sorry for such short notice. On my Viet Nam post about the "Horseshoe" O' Sullivan was the pilot of the slick shot down on the riverbank.
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