Politics UK - man fined for hiding face from police camera

Yes, it's supposed to be real time facial recognition.

I think the comparison with the passport scanner is apt. For passports they really really want to be sure you are you. For police scanning, 95% wrong appears to be an acceptable error rate (although I note that the Police fought like hell to keep those figures secret). It seems more like a magic wand for randomly stopping anyone you feel like.
British Autistic Midget Fornicator?

edit: back on topic. I agree with @TheKiwi, the way they are implementing this invites abuse. Terry stop from a false positive.
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Well it seems Amazon shareholders have held a vote on this particular technology and have given themselves the green light to continue . Not the most democratic of voting systems though is it . You have a million shares you get a million votes , you have one share you get one vote . Profit before liberty I say .

Well it looks like facial recognition is going to be something of a permanent fixture from now on . No debate , they just go right ahead and do it . Very few of the UK s news outlets reporting on it including the " free and impartial" BBC . I'm sure I read somewhere that there's more cameras than citizens in the UK though that potential fact somehow makes me feel less safe .
Police state here we go. Less boots on the ground and more cameras. It’s really sad it doesn’t prevent any crimes now innit?

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