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Who supported and who blocked

Maybe, but that did not stop, according to information, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Malta from blocking the embargo, due to a network of economic reasons and fear of illegal immigration which has been instrumentalized by Erdoğan. Greece was supported by France, Austria and Slovenia, while the other countries simply did not care. Especially the Eastern ones, after the imposition of sanctions on Belarus, do not deal with Turkey at all.
While political tensions remain high between Greece and Turkey on a range of regional issues, the Greek Foreign Ministry tweeted a statement of condolence after learning of today’s incident.
The cause of the incident, which occurred around dawn, wasn't immediately known
The Turkish spies who were arrested in Lesbos some days ago had the full kit. They claim they are lawyers persecuted by Erdogan...it's known from previous court cases that MIT provides its spies a lap top with a preinstalled software that can send the pics to the handlers.

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