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so i finally got around to get my hunting license here in bavaria, which undoubtably was a pretty difficult task, i never before had to learn, and work so hard for anything, but its rewarding as hell.

Went with my mates to a farm on Saturday with the goal of going after bunnies and possums. The farm had been hit hard by the recent floods (fields up to 1.5 meters deep in water) so there were no bunnies to be found. The grass had turned into a wilderness almost impossible to walk through, it took over 3 hours to cover 3km. My legs felt like I'd spent all that time on the Stair Master 2000.

Having not learned any lessons from that we went back in after dark and wandered around for another couple of km in the wilderness looking for possums - and found a grand total of three possums.

To top the evening, we got back to our vehicles at midnight and one of us had managed to lock his keys in his car. Que a bunch of monkeys trying to open the door with coat-hangers for an hour. Got home at about 02:15 and was a total cripple all day Sunday.
Went to my dad's farm to go after the possums with another mate. We got 37 between us, and he probably got 2/3rds of them - he's a possum splatting machine. Not a bad way to spent a Saturday night.
Related but my dad has decided to retire from hunting, he knows better his whole “animals count”, ten years ago I think it was already around 1,200 pigeons, numerous hares, wild boars, deers, pheasant over near 60 years of hunting he’s about done now.

Whatever we think of hunting (greenies), he always ate them or shared the meat with his peers.

No worse than a slaughterhouse but those uppity urban people know better…
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The Americans make some great hunting videos, particularly with archery. It's harder and makes for a better story.
Hit my dad's place again on Friday night. Casualties were 28 Possums, 2 bunnies, a rat and 3/4 of a bottle of Bushmills whiskey. A good night, but the hangover the next morning was less fun.
Another trip to my dad's farm over the weekend.

Got 20 or so possums which is good - the reduction in numbers makes me think we are making some difference.


Also got a bunny and two Pukeko (Or Australian Morehens).

Another trip to my dad's farm over the weekend.

Got 20 or so possums which is good - the reduction in numbers makes me think we are making some difference.
Why do you hunt possums?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a hunter and I hunt for the meat. BUT I also hunt foxes and raccoons. Foxes because of zoonoses like mange and the negative influence on ground nesting birds. Raccoons because they are a neozoa in Germany and are (have become) a problem for native small mammals.

I just wonder what the reason is here?
They’re not native animals in NZ. They do a lot of damage to trees and wildlife and there are pretty much no predators that control their numbers. And they can carry TB and pass that onto cattle. So farmers are always happy to see a pile of dead possums.

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