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Oct 25, 2020
Hello friends, I want to share about hunting weapons, equipment, etc. Is this suitable for the site? & which section should I put the Hunting thread if suitable?

in the photo ; Turkish huglu company camouflage and hunting rifle Huglu 103 CE

Those are a decent size. The ones on my dad's farm are only just big enough for a snack sized meal.

I don't call myself a hunter, I just do pest control. Possums and rabbits and wild pigs and goats.

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Those are a decent size. The ones on my dad's farm are only just big enough for a snack sized meal.

I don't call myself a hunter, I just do pest control. Possums and rabbits and wild pigs and goats.

what you do with rabbits cook them or just for trash? These are very meaty as well did they burn? new zealand is different buddy : D
damn is that rabbit genocide?

Those are Possums. In theory you can gather up the fur and it's reasonably valuable and it can be spun into a kind of woolen thread. A possum fur jumper or hat is very soft but very warm.

In practice we seldom have the time or energy to do that - we just shoot them out of the trees at night with the .22 and bury the bodies in the morning.

Those shotguns of yours look very nice.
@TheKiwi Wild boar are not a « pest » and as long as you hunt them can safely call yourself a « Hunter ». Whether you like this title or not. :p

My father has been hunting for about half a century, all you can find in the northern France forest anyway.

Here’s him posing next to a boar, quite a beast of 120kg...


And this picture is more recent, a roe deer he got in the beginning of the hunting season a few weeks ago:


Remington 280 for both, I am not a hunter myself and don’t have the license (technically could), I am mostly an observer and enjoy spending the sunday with him and his peers occasionally.
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I watched a clearing in the bush a couple of days ago on public land.
In well blending camo gear, often birds and small game come almost close to enough to reach out to, if lucky and the wind is in your face deer can be grazing 10 meters away.
Several groups of Sika deer grazed and wandered through the clearing then a little yearling stag ran into it to get the sweet grass an hour before dark. He looked like he had been looking forward to this all day and he put his head down and fed. It's mother the matriarch and another younger hind with it's own yearling gradually followed.
Sika live in family groups kind of like Elephants. This time of year the hinds are kicking off their last season's yearling fawns and returning to a secluded fawning area to repeat the whole seasonal process again. One of the groups that passed through earlier comprised of four sole yearlings.
Their fur coats were changing from winter grey to summer red and beginning to look sleek and well conditioned. I prefer to shoot older stags even though the younger ones are better meat. Let them go and grow up some more and experience life. Also a big stag has as much meat as two yearlings so its better game management.
This target type of mature stag wandered in and he got a free piggy back home. Am older now and understand better other hunting cultures respect for game animals, respect where the food comes from, from a real natural living animal.
Ever seen the Alone tv series?
History channel. Its on Choice over here and the finale is soon for series 7.
Ten selected outdoorsmen and ladies have to make it to 100 days in subarctic for a million $.
Survive purely by hunting and fishing. There are two left.
I'll be doing more hunting next year. A mate of mine has access to properties less than an hour away full of deer, pigs and wild dogs and I'm always welcome to come along with him. Plus I got a gift voucher for a local gun shop I'll be using to put a deposit down on an air rifle to slay cane toads. I'll have plenty of photo's to post.
For today. The Black Caddis ones proved to be worse than the black death for the trout.
All-kinds of other flies were tried..only to be rejected.
There was one large trout that I spent a couple of hours on. He out-witted me.
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New Cartridge for 2021: 6.8 Western

Now that the military is set on the .277 (the old .270) one can assume it will replace the .264 in terms of king of the hill for hunting popularity. Just that bit more heft and sectional density. The new sweetest in optimal performance. Something apparently the old timers had realized while cooking sour-dough in the camp-fire.
Fast twist barrel replacement for the millions of the old slow twist 270's will be a popular talking point on youtube, forums and in outdoor magazines

Good fortune a good conditioned stag. Start of the roar. Came in to some hind calls on a channel I've shot other stags before at about the same hour of day.
Nothing wasted for making Billtong.
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