Photos The French Delta : Dassault Mirage III, IV, 5, 2000 and IAI Kfir thread.

When I was a kid - long ago - there Was this series on the French TV (but 2 channels then) called "Les chevaliers du ciel" (the knights of the sky) Nostalgia, nostalgia... :)

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Chilean Mirage 50C (511) over mountains.
I just love this plane !!! 😍 It's one of the most beautifull aircrafts ever built !!!
Chilean Mirage 50C (511) inflight (2).jpeg
Another Kfir COA of Colombian Air Force, seen here with two Python-5, two Derby-ER and two LGBs.
Colombian Kfir will end their service this year, due to an Israeli embargo following the Gaza event, where the Colombian government is reported to have condemned Israeli actions.
Colombian Kfir COA with Python-5, Derby and LGB inflight.jpg

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