Photos The Cold War

Two Sikh soldiers of the Indian Army in 1960.

RN Westland Lynx near a Kresta-II class cruiser

"I have been seeing this in my parents/our house for some considerable time and was surprised to see it on this site (Reddit) as it was taken in around 1985.

The Lynx in question is being flown by my Father who was indeed "about 35ft from the ship" and was pondering how much radiation he had exposed himself to from the radars whilst doing so... He was based off HMS Newcastle and was north of Norway taking some pictures of Russian ships as part of a cold war operation.

As part of that operation, there were a number of photographers on board to help process the images that were being taken by people (including the one on the Lynx at the time) and this picture was taken by one of those "extra" photographers. The story is that one of them had popped out onto the bridge to take a break and noticed the lynx flying close to the ship; to the side of the photographer was the ships official photographer, who wasn't particularly interested, so the other photographer grabbed the camera off of them and proceeded to take this picture. This picture went onto receive the Photo of the Year award from the Navy (not sure of the actual name)."
Very late Cold War video of BRIXMIS wagons making a quick trip into East Germany, including 80’s music on the G-Wagon radio.

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