Photos The Cold War

20 Aug 1968: Warsaw Pact troops, led by the Soviet Union, invade Czechoslovakia and crush the Prague Spring reforms, which included political liberalisation.
American US Embassy employee punch a former member of the South Vietnamese government in the face(so that there will be no overload, apparently) as he tries to evacuate along with the rest of the employees at the helicopter during "ТНе Fall of Saigon" events.
Soviet sergeant speak with czech woman while visiting Czechoslovakia in 1968
An A-7D Corsair aircraft, lower left, from the 127th Tactical Fighter Wing flies with three allied aircraft during the NATO exercise Dragon Hammer '87. The aircraft are, clockwise from upper left, an Italian F-104S Starfighter aircraft, an Italian Tornado aircraft and a Turkish TF-104G Starfighter aircraft, 5/5/1987
How did you come to be there?
You won’t believe it, effing tourists. Together with a bunch of mates we had flown in the previous night. On our way from Scheremetjevo to the hotel we saw the T-72 firing their Dashkas into the air in the parallel street. The next day we were on a plane to Abakan, for two weeks of hiking near the Yenisei river, on the border with Mongolia. We were seven all but two serving members of a NATO country, we even had gotten a clearance from Mons before we went on the trip. But nobody ever thought of revoking it when the troubles in Mother Russia began, so we just got on the plane and did our thing.

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