Photos The Cold War

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F-104C Starfighters from the 479th Tactical Fighter Wing, at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base, in 1965.
USAF F-104A Starfighter (s/n 56-0791) of the 83rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Taoyuan Air Base on 15 September 1958, during the Quemoy Crisis/Operation Jonah Able

The Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, also called the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis, was a conflict that took place between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC). In this conflict, the PRC shelled the islands of Kinmen (Quemoy) and the Matsu Islands along the east coast of mainland China (in the Taiwan Strait) to "liberate" Taiwan from the Chinese Nationalist Party, also known as the Kuomintang (KMT); and to probe the extent of the United States defence of Taiwan's territory. A naval battle also took place around Dongding Island when the ROC Navy repelled an attempted amphibious landing by the PRC Navy. Later US Secretary of State Christian Herter is said to have referred to the conflict as "the first serious nuclear crisis."
USS Canberra CAG-2 carrying President Eisenhower on a trip to Bermuda - March 1957
USS Canberra CA-70 was originally built as a Baltimore Class Cruiser and served in WW2, decommissioned in 1947, rebuilt as a Boston Class Missile Cruiser and recommissioned in 1952 as USS Canberra CAG-2
During the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam, USS Canberra supported the troops at Hue and fired 35,000 rounds in 31 days
Decommissioned in 1970, scrapped in 1980, her bell was given to Australia and is on display in the USA Gallery of the Australian National Maritime Museum
LIFE Magazine Archives - Hank Walker Photographer

Romanian Revolution. December 1989. Romanian soldiers fighting against pro-Ceausescu troops in Bucharest.

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A lot of "Blue on Blue" incidents, so much misinformation being spread about foreign agents/troops having infiltrated the country and a lot of civilians with looted weaponry running around, in Bucharest tanks even used their main weapons, and a conservative estimate of over a million live rounds of many calibre being fired.

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