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Aden Emergency. 1957. British troops from the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders on overwatch. Photo by Bert Hardy/Getty Images.

Men of B Company The 3rd Battalion, the Queen's Regiment cross a river in the Ardennes Forrest during a long Range Reconnaissance course during the cold war. This international course was run from Tried fort by the French Forign Legion. 1983.

ort Irwin. California, USA. 30 March 1982. A soldier from the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division armed with an M16A1 rifle advances to a fighting position during Exercise Gallant Eagle '82. He's one of the lucky ones, 1780 paratroopers jumped that morning, 158 were injured and 6 men died.

BGS (Bundesgrenzshutz) border patrol squad in the mid-1950s, with MG-42 machine gun and 98k rifles. The radio may be a SCR-300, the standard US Army set of this type during WWII. Around 1960, the BGS switched to the FuG 6, a West German system similar to the US Army’s AN/PRC-6 of the Korean and Vietnam wars.

British mercenary Mike Hoare (R) and another soldier evacuating refugees near Stanleyville, Belgian Congo - 1964

Mike Hoare and his unit, which was mostly made up of South African mercenaries, worked with Belgian paratroopers, Cuban exile pilots, and CIA paid mercenaries to save 1,600 European civilians in Stanleyville from the Simba rebels in Operation Dragon Rouge

LIFE Magazine Archives - Priya Ramrakha Photographer

Aden Emergency. 1957. British troops from the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders on overwatch. Photo by Bert Hardy/Getty Images.

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1957 - firstline troops still with Lee-Enfields.....I guess SLR (FAL) were still being rolled out. USA had been issuing Garands for what about 15 years at this point?
Project 58 Grozny, NATO: Kynda Class. Varyag had hull number 830 in 1970. In this photo, missile launchers are trained to stbd. Note the aft P35 tubes are open. Varyag was decom'd in April of 1990.
USS Fletcher (DD-445) Underway at sea on 20 October 1966. Photographed by PH2 O'Brien. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval History and Heritage Command. Catalog # NH 97881.
Jaegers on exercise in 1957

Anti-tank section in training with German PAK 40 in 1958

Finnish jaegers taking cover, 1968
Ground personnel of the Cuban Revolutionary Air Force and AD, operating a Czechoslovakian made M53 quad 12,7mm AA gun, take aim at an incoming Douglas B-26 Invader flown by Cuban exiles of the CIA backed Brigade 2506, two days before the Bay of Pigs Invasion; eastern Cuba, April 15th 1961
An aerial starboard view of the Project 11351 Nerey (NATO:Krivak III) class frigate IMENI XXVII SYEZDA KPSS underway. The ship is operated by the KGB Maritime Border Troops. March 1987
WOW!! All those planes are just sitting there right now??? That's incredible!!

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