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Christmas Eve 1969 336th and 121st gunships and the light ship engaged in large firefight just a few clicks from the airfield at Soc Trang

T-Bird Thunder UH-1D Flare and Lightship Old long barrel 50 cal on the right side we used those left over naval large caliber flares used in WWII. They had a steel wire attached to a parachute and the flare itself had a setting dial for ignition altitude. They would gently float down and stay aloft a very long time. To work under the flares was like the movie Apocalypse Now just completely surreal. I like that one scene where Sheen asked the black dude where was the commander, and the dude looks at him with his stoner face and said "I thought you was"

CP Bunker communications with ARVN field mortar team, sounds pretty foobar to me, no one knew what to hell was going on.

T-Bird 4 Gunner Don Raczon from Detroit. He passed away last year after a thirty year fight with heart failure due to agent orange. All of these audio files were and still are present on the one and only 336th website dating back to pre 2000. He was a great guy and had some really serious narrow escapes. Some guys are like magnets and I guess he was a magnet.

Mission in the Dong Tam area 2 parts

Part 2 of 2 Dong Tam
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