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Mi Corporal
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Sep 7, 2005
Heres my test to see how much military knowledge ya got, so try it out

1-This was the first Royal Navy warship.
2-Name the General responsible for the last great confederate victoy in the Civil war.
3-What was the SAAF first plane? Pilot?
4-What does BDU stand for?
5-The Enfeild company was formed in _________(date)
6-The Saab company same up with this aircraft, conidered to be swedens finest.
7-The Aegis 'Ticonderoga' class has what mission?
8-On decmber 7th 1941 who fired the first shot?
9-At El Alimien, this British Commander turned the tide in North Africa
10-What was austrailia first home-made warplane?
11-This was the first rapid fire weapon used in the 1800's when its rate of fire began the push for MG's of the future.
12-This couple was the most infamous user of the BAR.
13-This is the standard rifle round through out the world. (in ___mm)
14-The M-16 is used by many countries. Who was the first export customer?
15-This was Britians last prop-driven attack aircraft
16-The USS Arizona's main guns were made where?
17- What was the first ship to go down at Jutland?
18-What traggic event occured after WW1 at scappa flow?
19-What is the Most important water way in the Eastern hemmisphere for military use? in the West?
20- These three men were the Big heros of 06-06-44(d-day)
21-The A-10 is the best CAS aircraft in the US. What is its british counter part?
22-This company gave us the Lightning and Goshawk
23-Who was the Lady Lex?Where was she stationed(during and after ww-2)
24-This miramar program was made famous by Tom Cruise, but was a popular navy training tool since Viet-Nam
25-This is the US's standard Air to Air Gun.(aircraft equiped)
4- BDU Battle Dress Uniform.
9- Montgomery
11- I believe it was the Gatling Gun.
13- It's either 5.56 or 7.62... I'll say 7.62mm.

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