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Sep 7, 2005
A few months ago i had a running quiz called Test For the best well here it is again!

1:What was the first true Guided Bomb?
2:Name 3 type of hand grenades used in WW2
3:This famous WW-2 Russian tank was the most numerous of all tnaks in the eastern ETO
4:The Japanese built a special sub that carried an aircraft inside. What improtant area was the sub sent to attack at the closing of the war: Hint not the US
5:In ww2 Britian proposed to make a giant Aircraft carrier out of what? Hint- its a wierd one
6: The B-29 served in the tanker role over Korea. How many of these were shot down?
Well, in response to your first query: The Luftwaffe used a guided rocket/bomb against allied shipping in WWII. I'm not sure what the device was called, but it actually used a primitive television camera in the nose of the rocket/bomb, and it was piloted by the bombadier through a cable that played out behind it. Kind of a premodern TOW missile. The delivery platform was a HE-111 Heinkel.
#3: Has gotta be the T34... The early version with the 75mm gun weren't much against the German Tiger or the Jadpanzer tank killer, but the new and improved T34 85mm had better sloped armor, improved targeting and faster loading. It was produced in vast numbers... Our own American Troops ran into them in Korea!!
#4: I believe the target was the Panama Canal, which would have caused the Atlantic Fleet to have to sail around the southern tip of South America... or I could be totally mistaken.
# 6. By the time the war ended in July 1953, the B-29s had flown over 21,000 sorties and 34 were lost in combat. How many of these were tankers I don’t know.

And I thought the American Navy was crazy for building Liberty Ships out of concrete!!!

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