Politics Team Biden created disaster on southern US border

Hey Balkans! We are catching up with you here...

Thank your elected officials, for your replacements!

Ha! Sanctuary city life...

Oh sure, sc#@^ the small towns who do not have the funding nor facilities to house illegal aliens...
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It is almost as if they believed repeating things are "that way" would make them come true.
Ironic that today they can just walk in and take the states mentioned in this WWI narrative, actually they are taking the entire nation today without a shot being fired thanks to traitor and half wit joe slo ass biden. Really joking aside he should he tried for being a traitor since he has no authority to let foreign nationals come in illegally as they all have been doing since his first day in office. I hope he has a paralyzing stroke that leaves him stiff as a board but completely awake so he can see what he has done to America.


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