Photos Tatamawdow - Myanmar Armed Forces






MA-S (Myammar Army-Sniper) 7.62x51

I find in Galil wiki!
Secret!Myanamar Police show symbol support mob!


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who is support m-16 to myanmar?
Black market or some other country which already possessed them.
I find in QBZ-95 in wiki!?Where M16(MOD 613) from to Myanmar? [14]
about MOD 613
MOD 613 made for Malaysia,Taiwan,Philippines,Singapore(?) send to Myanmar?
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clone Glock and TMP!
mg-3 used by myanmay military?german support myanmar?
No, the only major powers who support myanmar are China, Russia, North Korea, Israel, India and sometimes Pakistan.
The US, EU and rest of the world does not.

These guns were probably purchased from another second state who had it or captured from the rebels or from the blackmarket due to the arms embargo which lifted around 2011.
US by CIA supported Burma by Israel and Germany,because US didn't direct supported Burma,Burma is was socialist(US anti communist and socialist=communist!?) and bad human right,but US used Burma anti communist only.Israel made industry in Burma for made Uzi.Germany made industry in Burma for made HK-33,G-3,MG-3(?) and ammunitions for HK-33,G-3.
Myanmar military near Myanmar-Thai border use EMERK-3,MA-1-4(Galil) only,never use HK-33(MA-11),G-3(BA-63/72),UZI(BA-93/94,MA-13) series!
all weapons made in Myanmar had insignia,symbol,serial numbers?
Myanmar (Burma) Flag of Myanmar: Some rare photos of the production process of handcrafted shotguns by the rebels. Although these weapons are not very efficient, these rifles can meet this need to a small extent, since most groups in the region are unarmed.Picture quality isbad but I wanted to see):)
Military Police of the KNDF(Karenni National Defence Force) part of the newly formed PDF(People's Defence Force). They are part of the Anti-Junta Faction
I have quite a big doubt, although in Myanmar there are quite a few factions that are against the Military Junta, I can't explain where they get resources from to equip their "military units" so well, and above all, that they can show photographs of said organizations, it is almost like many "armies" within the same country ?

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